Adam Optimiser

Reading this, I am pleased to learn that there is such a thing as an “Adam Optimiser”.

Can’t say I understand what the hell one is or what it does really.

They tell me it’s “an algorithm for first-order gradient-based optimization of stochastic objective functions”

“Stochastic” means “random”, more or less. If that helps.

Apparently the Adam Optimiser is crucial in this robot-generated click-bait farm

I learned all this from here which is far too complex for me to understand drunkenly at 2am.

It’s final paragraph is:

“In total, this gives us an infinite source of useless journalism, available at no cost. If I remember correctly from economics class, this should drive the market value of useless journalism down to zero, forcing other producers of useless journalism to produce something else.

As they say on BuzzFeed: Win!”