April 2023 – New Film Premiered, Tarot Decks Available, AI and Fedi and VR games and Monarchy

During April my new short films premiered at the Kino event, my wordy tarot decks finally hit Amazon so I did a reading about leaving twitter, and we continued to talk about AI and Decentralization of social media as the monarch prepares get a new hat while sat on a magic rock that doesn’t even…

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Pre Goes Loopy

When his band broke up during Lockdown, Pre spent a lot of time playing with himself. With his loop-pedal that is. Who needs a drummer when there are machine drums? And who needs a bass player when you can just play synth bass and then loop over it? Who needs a lead guitarist when you…

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December 2022 – Happy New Year – Withdrawing Labour Over Xmas

December was full of strikes, and of starting delivery of the Kickstarter rewards, and of Christmas and New Year. Me Some stuff from my diary on the fediverse: The Kickstarter ended, but the money finally landed in my accounts so I had to learn more about the Kickstarter process and get the money and designs…

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50th Birthday Party

March Update: All steam ahead. See you on Saturday! A celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of my birth will take place on the 4th of March 2023, upstairs at the Roebuck on Great Dover Street, SE1 4YG from 3pm until my birthday begins at midnight. Chilling in the afternoon, maybe some computer games on the…

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November 2022 – Kickstarter Progress and the Bird’s people continue fleeing to the Elephant

My kickstarter ran through all November, finishing with just under 200 people pledging just under 12k between them. Meanwhile, it all kicked off on Twitter, so Mastodon had to expand to three times the size to accommodate all the newbies. Still not turned the heating on. Turns out of you use some strong clothes-pegs you…

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Installing Calckey

Calkey is a open-source microblogging server that uses ActivityPub. It’s a fork of Misskey – both are similar to Mastodon and other software for connecting to the Fediverse. Seems really nice on first glance. Shame there’s not likely ever going to be a way to port an existing Mastodon instance into a new Calckey on.…

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October 2022 – An unelected new leader causes chaos and my new Kickstarter

This month an unelected leader took over and made massive stupid changes which risked the future of the whole thing. But is that Truss’s governance of Britain, or Musk’s governance of Twitter? Meanwhile, my new kickstarter is live! Me Some stuff from my diary on the fediverse: My kickstarter for my new tarot deck went…

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Peru 2022 Photos

As the monarch died, I boarded a plane bound for Peru and spent the mourning period having Peruvian adventures instead of being stuck at home with nothing but Mourn-Hub on TV. Here’s a photo gallery, you can also click the links below to see some description from my microblog at the time. I flew all…

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June 2022 Digest – Catching all the best acts at Glasto: Mccartney. Ross. Covid19.

My ribs healed just in time, thanks for your concern. So I went to Glasto this month and caught all the best acts: Paul McCartney, Dianna Ross, She Drew The Gun, Tankus The Henge, Javis Cocker, Covid-19. The last one really stuck with me, their stuff is very infectious. The rest were amazing as usual…

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April 2022 Digest

The drama this month was mostly online with the reaction to Musk deciding to buy Twitter. The flood of newbies into the Fediverse, the complaints of the people losing followers on Twitter, economic and political and social analysis. He sure does get people talking. Spent a few nights with friends, but I spent most of…

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March 2022 Digest

I did some foreign travel, ate a ton of chocolate, got fat, won an award against a background of mass job-sackings and city-sackings and financial-hackings. Me Some stuff from my microblog on the fediverse: War in the internet age is weird, it’s on zoom and social media while television channels get banned. I went to…

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February Digest 2022

It’s been a good month if you don’t count the outbreak of war, continuing pandemic, threat of nuclear disaster or any of that stuff. Me Some stuff from my microblog on the fediverse: When Facebook threatened to leave Europe, there was a chorus of “Yes please” from all over the web, I was quoted to…

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February 2022 Digest

Me Some stuff from my microblog on the fediverse: I wrote a few paragraphs on web3 and identity and Moxie’s web3 post. I found out how to turn of the annoying web-search in the windows11 task-bar My drains got blocked and I did a tarot reading about it before actually managing to fix it myself…

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January 2022 Digest

Social Some stuff from my microblog on the fediverse: * A comment on the UK re-fortifying it’s drug war. * Pointing out forcing people into rehab doesn’t work. * Sometimes a broken clock tells the wrong time for 2 minutes an hour * Building a window for my server-cupboard * Things the press do and…

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Haven Protocol

Someone mentioned the Haven protocol and I didn’t know what it was. Sometimes I look into some of these sorts of things a bit. Let’s have a look at this one. What does their documentation say? To Paraphrase, if we call Haven “X” for short, “Owning xCoin lets you convert your xCoin into xAssets…

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Zombie on the Orba

I have a new toy, it’s a hand-sized synth and looper. It’s fun look! Same video, multiple places. Who knows what they’ll delete you for. On Odysee: On Youtube

A guy playing and singing

November Digest

Social * The war with the squirrels continues. More engineers called out to fix their damage. * Commented about an article suggesting Facebook are in trouble coz their audience is aging and quitting and the cool kids are joining. * And indeed I finally finished leaving Facebook myself. This won’t be posted there. * Captain…

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Abbey Road without beatles, but with inset-images of two gigs a pumpkin and half a computer.

October 2021 digest

Social The company I work for got an innovation award from the queen I talked about my Thursday-night pringles-and-primula sandwich tradition I wondered about the EU wanting up scan all your uploads B3ta’s photoshop competition “Make TV more British” was hilarious. I complained about complaints about measuring standards. Using my new speaker, I can play…

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Digest 2021

September 2021 Digest

I was pleased there was a new campaign released for VR game Pistol Whip I also cycled to the absolute range-limit of my e-bike for a picnic I had lunch with my parents in Ruby and finally collected Xmas presentsincluding a lovely new plasma-ball added to my lighting corner My band broke up 🙁 –…

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August 2021 Digest

I added some eyes to my lights-controller and then later I made it compose Artificial Intelligence Subgenius rants I ranted about being a casualty in the war with the robots I went to see a Doctor Who Interactive Theatre show It subsequently flooded and all future performances were cancelled. Sorry. It was great though. I…

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July 2021 digest

Social My band played an online gig which went okay, though sending to Youtube failed. So you had to be there. I failed at watching BBCQT because it’s too terrible I noticed the media studiously not noticing things about Julian Assange. I published the email-list manager app for nextcloud I’ve been working on I had…

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June 2021 digest

Social I voted I edited audio together for a new cartoon The queens speech is terrifying My lava-lamp flipped me the bird, so I replied in kind I gushed about Max and Stacy I fell over playing VR I was invaded by magic drunken wasps Reading Amanda Palmer’s “Art Of Asking” is her autobiography and…

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May 2021 Digest

Social It is compulsory to lie to children, the government remind us I updated my homepage to include all my projects up front I looked for some voice actors Got curious about stock prices 20 years apart Learned how to rescue books from Amazon’s DRM Listened to a lot of audition recordings Ranted about user…

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April 2021 digest

Social Learning to drink coffee Ranting about how stupid None-Fungible-Tokens are in the crypto-space Escaping from google Worrying about cops guarding statues more than they guard people Reading Media Lens’s review of Peter Oborne’s book Updating you on coffee drinking Listening to someone chat with AI-engine GPT-3 Playing an online gig with my band Defending…

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Test-Print Unboxing!

A video in which Adam receives the initial test-print of the World Cloud Tarot card-deck and looks through the cards, doing their first ever reading in which we find that the world of tarot was indolent and lazy, and should be worried right now because the Word Cloud Tarot deck is here, and will bedevil…

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14 – Wands – King

The King of Wands is an inventor, a financial founder. Innovative in business, but multi-dimensional, also filled with eloquence and likeability. He’s adaptive and his idealism leads to success, and other things listed here on this card for those who can read.

13 – Wands – Queen

The Queen of Wands is a fun loving mothering unbridled dynamic seductress. Her respectfulness and enthusiasm and exuberance are proudly confident. Lots of other things describe her, as can be read on this card in actual words.

12 – Wands – Knight

The Knight of Wands is a risk-taker filled with energy and power and has aspirations and anticipations of criminal amounts of leisure. Among many other things you can read on this card.

11 – Wands – Page

The Page of wands is a Free Thinking and Powerful Rebel, facing Adversity and Despair, Braving Unhealthy Mindsets and Foolhardy Materialism with Fearlessness Ethics and Hedonist Passion.