August 2021 Digest

Me in front of the TARDIS. Inset 1: Ardy, my lights-controller, with new eyes. Inset 2: Cover of new cartoon.


This month’s new cartoon is “Spaceman”, in which The Observers are surprised that a man tries to escape the doomed Earth:

Watch it here:

As usual, there’s a flat-screen version and a 3d Virtual Reality version.


I finished reading A Universe From Nothing by Lawrence Krauss.

The trouble with nothing, basically, is that it’s unstable. As soon as it changes in any way at all, you have something.

A good review of some science stuff, physics and cosmology and the state of the knowledge about how come we have a universe and what on earth it’s doing.

Was pretty nice. It felt familiar like I’d read it before though.


Watched On Becoming A God In Central Florida which is about a housewife embroiled in a pyramid sales cult.

Having been in a joke-cult, lots of things seemed quite familiar with this joke cult. Ours was funnier though.


Mostly youtube this month eh?