#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 19th July 2018

A win for the Tarot this week, with Cosmic Conroy’s promise of happiness beating Charting Chad’s prediction of downwards price movements. Join us to hear Conroy’s tarot prediction and Chad’s Technical analysis for the next week in the show which asks and answers the question “Is Technical Analysis any better than the Tarot?” Click here…

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Wordcloud Tarot – 5th Trump – Hierophant

The fifth trump card is The Hierophant, and he’s a preacher and an educator and a trainer and a devoted dogmatic disciple as you can tell at a glance with my Wordcloud Tarot deck without having to decode arcane pictures.

Word Cloud Tarot - 5st Trump - Hierophant

Heart Of Gold

The fifth song in my album about my bookshelf is about Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” and is a song about the drive in the Heart Of Gold.

Heart Of Gold

#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 5th July 2018

In this week’s Bitcoin Tarot Podcast, we introduce a new co-host, “Charting Chad” to add some conflict and drama to really get at the essential question of the show: Is technical analysis any better than reading the tarot? Chad will be making chart based Technical Analysis predictions alongside Conroy’s reading of the cards. This week…

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Wordcloud Tarot – 4th Trump – The Emperor

As we progress through the major archana, the alien evolves. By the time we reach the Emperor, we have also reached stage two of the alien’s evolution. The emperor represents authority and responsibility and law and lots of other actual words rather than arcane pictures.

Word Cloud Tarot - 4th Trump - The Emperor

Wordcloud Tarot – 1st Trump – The Magician

When my word-cloud tarot deck revolutionizes the tarot industry and liberates it for those who think verbally instead of visually, I will use my powers for good. As does the magician, the first major archana (except for the fool, who is zero)

Word Cloud Tarot - 1st Trump - The Magician

#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 22nd June 2018

Last week the cards said that BTC’s courage and ruthlessness would bounce our disappointment into new wealth, then this week the price dropped down, the gained courage, bounced, and ruthlessly turned our disappointment into wealth. This week Cosmic Conroy reads the cards and finds that this period of recuperation will result in new money. Click…

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Outside Context Problem

Track four from my album about my bookshelf is called “Outside Context Problem” and is inspired by Iain M Banks’ book “Excession” in which utopic luxury space communism society “the culture” maybe faces their own Outside Context Problem. Great book, here’s I butchered half a page of it. All the good stuff in those lyrics…

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Learning To Be Me

I wrote a song this weekend inspired by Greg Egan’s short story “Learning To Be Me”. I also made significant progress in my code to puppet and motion-capture the characters in my VR flying saucer story. To celebrate, here is a video of me in the ship’s galley (and also in my studio) doing a…

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Learning To Be Me Screenshot

Profit Implies Loss

In order to avoid having to think about three dimensional vector maths, I have wasted half my weekend writing and recording a song inspired by Hagbard Celine, a person with whom I would have many deep political and philosophical differences if he were a real person. While also being broadly in agreement. My weakened RSI-riddled…

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Puppet against curtains

New “Starship Schrödinger’s Destiny” 0.2 Release

After eight months of work, the sci-fi virtual-reality story I’m working on has it’s V0.2 release with a new mini-story, an emotional-expression engine, some motion-capture experiments and a little minx of a lizard monster. Check it out at my other website: tentacles.org.uk/starship

#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 13th April 2018

After last week predicting that patience would rewards us with a buying opportunity, Cosmic Conroy reads the cards again and finds that once we understand our impetuousness more daring adventures will come. Present: Knight of Swords Future: Princess of Wands Meta: 11th Trump – Lust Synopsis: Animal passions are driving us to impetuousness and when…

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#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 23rd March 2018

#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 23rd March 2018 Last week the cards correctly predicted reconciliation, and this week Cosmic Conroy’s reading suggests bitcoin holders will bring new creativity, releasing new potential, leading to new growth. Unless the cards take us for fools! Watch On Youtube if the embedded player is showing an error. Past: 0th…

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BCTP Boasting

Bitcoin Forecasts: Seven out of eight forecasts judged “correct” by a panel of one self-interested judge. But how do you think I did?

Preaching to my choir

I never really believed the polls when they were predicting like half of all votes would be voting Tory, so I’m not sure there’s been as much of a swing as is reported really, more like a polls-error-correction. Through most of the elections I’ve been really aware for, there’s been little choice on offer frankly.…

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Vote For Policies

There are many sites that ask you about polices and in return suggest who you should vote for. Any in a Facebook App are surely harvesting your data for their profiles. Any that don’t have a good privacy policy are basically just gonna sell you answers to marketing people. Any that don’t have a clear…

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Existential comics

Existential Comics this week is easily one of their best. I wonder if that counts as interfering with the election? Not like in a CIA, way, not even in a Russia way, but more in a geek-in-the-basement way, which is easily the coolest. http://existentialcomics.com/comic/186

I watch the election debate so you don’t have to.

An IRC translation of the election debate, written with prejudice. Mod: Look, this is still cool. We had them all last time. It’s like an elimination round. A spin-off show. This is like the Elections Little Brother or something. Intro Statements ======================= Green: After the war, we actually invested in our country and made all…

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They Are Watching You

Lunduke’s presentation at some conference about just how much we’re spied upon these days was both entertaining and interesting. Crazy how much data they’re gathering these days. The Stasi would be very proud of us. If you ain’t paranoid, you should be.


Good times at a friend’s album launch gig tonight. Top new political songs and love the drummers tongue biting. You should totally check out the “Fit and the Conniptions” new album.

Blanket Studio

Because I don’t hear particularly well, I find it hard to believe that setting up the old makeshift blanket-studio is really worth it most of the time. But because I do *listen*, sometimes, I believe that it probably is. Blanket-sound-booth, pop-shield, decent microphone all set up ready to record some voice tomorrow. Will even turn…

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Future of Journalism

The guy who brought you Wikipedia wants to try and crowd-source journalism too. Not sure that “protect your sources” in traditional journalism is compatible with a “See the source” view that the new organization wants. Not sure which is better either. Hard to imagine it being much worse than the modern billionaire-funded “journalism” though. Too…

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Monbiot On GE1017

I would be voting Labour if I lived in a seat where that mattered at all. George is great here, and he finishes: “The choice before us is as follows: a party that, through strong leadership and iron discipline, allows three million children to go hungry while hedge fund bosses stash their money in the…

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This looks like it’ll be good fun for a couple of hours. Might wait till it’s on sale though, bit steep.

Yet Another Election

There exist future worlds where the Tories fall short of a majority and some coalition without them is put into government. Which will be an entirely different kind of shambles. There are things which can be done to increase the amplitude of those future-worlds. We should concentrate on doing those things I guess, even while…

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