The first ever episode of DevLog made with the AutoStripper.

Video-Editing credit must go to my robot, the Auto-Stripper. Not all of it, unfortunately. But most of it. More of it next time. More still the time after that I hope.

If you want an infinite stream of video-editing jobs done, give them to a lazy man to do them. I’ll spend a couple of very long working days automating the process.

This beats Version One of the DevlogVideoEditor in that it’s not now passing every second of video through ffmpeg multiple times, but instead building the video-strips inside Blender’s video-editor to render the thing once. That was really making the sound especially very poor, even though it was supposed to be lossless each time.

It’s also using multiple video-sources so that I can use an external cam for the head-shot.

Been the hardest of these DevLogs I’ve made by far. But they’ll be better from now on, and easier to improve.

Drunkman Devlog – 33 – Capes And Poo