Yes – The Conspiracy Really Exists, And Further More It’s All Your Fault

Pre’s first book.
It’s a rant, a diatribe.
Against YOU, you dumbass..

Yes! The conspiracy really exists, and furthermore it's all your fault

Yes! The conspiracy really exists – and furthermore, it’s all your fault” is Rev Priest’s astute and provocative investigation into the conspiracy that controls our world, and your part in it, you decrepit, useless, unthinking, dull, pointless human waste of brain. You won’t understand it, but at least now you can’t say you were never told.

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Copyright Notice

This work is copyright 2005 by Rev Priest. But, it’s licensed under a creative commons share-a-like license that means you can photocopy it and give it to the most insanely conspiracy-ridden of your friends to teach them.

In fact, I encourage you to do so. Download a copy from my website and print it if you prefer. Or just email it. Or scrawl it out in crayon and finger paints. Whatever. Copyright is a conspiracy term, designed to stop us talking without their blessing, their channels and their payment. Screw them. Screw copyright. I won’t believe they have the right or means to control my thoughts and memory and nor should even a pathetic, conspiracy-duped, useless, unimaginative, fake, idea-hole like you.