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Just know this:
Not only does the conspiracy really exist
You are part of it!.

Yes! The conspiracy really exists, and furthermore it's all your fault


In this book, I will not attempt to identify the controlling members of the various conspiracies, the high-ups who manipulate, dominate and direct the media or the government or the courts or the political process or the military or the corporations or the capital or the religions or the very psyche of the dupes, fools, dunces and cretins that populate this planet.

No. It’s perfectly obvious who these people are, and they have more than enough money, power and moral ambivalence to pursue me to bankruptcy in their libel courts, have me arrested by their police, or even murdered by their gangs of roving criminals and thugs. Frankly, I don’t fancy it. I prefer an easy target so I’ll mostly just be ranting about the powerless, stupid dumbasses who’re too illiterate to even understand this damn book, let alone take exception to it and have me murdered. The dupes and the deluded who let the entire damn conspiracy process happen.

You know. People like you, you feckless stupid human filth.

In the following pages I hope to show how your pointless unthinking zombie-like trudging through the bland, normal life set up before you by other dim-eyed half-sleeping cretins just like you makes the world the broken, hellish, conspiracy-ridden place you have to live in.

And worse! I have to live in it too. I hope you’re proud.



1.An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

2.A group of conspirators.

3.Law. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

4.A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design: a conspiracy of wind and tide that devastated coastal areas.

Listen dumbass: The Conspiracy really exists! It just isn’t what your pathetic duped mind thinks it is. The Conspiracy itself has lied to you about what the term means, subverted the very definition of itself to induce incredulity over its simple existence. And like an obedient broken slave you fell for it. Hook, Line, Sinker and Rod.

When someone more enlightened and flexi-thinking like me talks of the “The Conspiracy,” he doesn’t mean the government, the lawyers, the spin-doctors or the newspapers. He doesn’t mean the cigar-smoking men in suits making deals in back rooms, swapping lives for oil, souls for cash and power. He doesn’t mean the mafia, the media, the middlemen, the moneychangers or the multinationals.

When I talk about the conspiracy I’m not talking about a group of people at all. Nor even any of the many groups of aliens or visitors from other dimensions that infect our world.

Look at the fourth definition in the quote taken from at the beginning of this chapter. “A joining or acting together as if by sinister design.”

Your tiny mind couldn’t have fathomed it until now but of course “The Conspiracy” is a metaphorical joining of forces. If it were anything else it would merely be Aconspiracy, one of any and many that plague the media, government, industrial, technological, educational, philosophical, corporate, fashion and scientific spheres.

No, The conspiracy is something much more elusive and even destructive than those hopeless human attempts at power games. The conspiracy is self-created, using witless dupe recruits like you to construct itself in what laughingly passes as your mind. You and your reckless stupid ilk created a force of nature so vicious and delinquent it destroys lives, hopes, dreams even whole cultures. Yet it is so fundamental to the modern human mindset that it’s practically invisible, hidden by a memological blind-spot of gargantuan proportions and it is only recently that it has been possible to observe and analyze it’s effects.

Reverend Stang describes the conspiracy thus*:

It doesn’t even know it’s a conspiracy! It can’t. It’s a faceless confederacy of dunces, so vast and so broad that it underlies all the lesser conspiracies and permeates all human reality. Quite the opposite of devious, it dominates by merely exploiting the overall, mealy- mouthed, chickenbutt-kissing “Code of Normality” (or CON) of ALL the Pinks, norm-worms and mere-humes at large. There is no more insidious and subtle a weapon than that.

The conspiracy is a collision of forces; social norms, economic realities, cultural precedents, political maneuverings, and most of all your stupid dumb human nature that conspire to normalize the world, make it a blander, duller, safer, hellish suck-pit so bad that even powerful psychedelic drugs can’t help us escape.

And worse, you’re so brainwashed, so utterly fooled by the conspiracy justifications and deceptions that you would suppress thought, shed blood and sanction the senseless slaughter of millions just to protect your own insane hand-me-down beliefs.

The conspiracy brings us war, famine, senseless toil, mental straight-jackets, murder, politicians, lawyers, moneychangers, Disney cartoons and a hopeless slacklessness that permeates every last cell in each of us. And yet you support it every day!

In the coming chapters you will see how you have been conditioned, programmed, brainwashed and led unwittingly to support the most insane and destructive force ever unleashed upon the world. How it all came to seem so sensible, so normal, and finally what you can do to help make it all stop. To become a part of the solution.

* – In Revelation X (ISBN: 0-671-77006-3)

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