Heart Of Gold

The fifth song in my album about my bookshelf is about Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” and is a song about the drive in the Heart Of Gold.

Heart Of Gold

Outside Context Problem

Track four from my album about my bookshelf is called “Outside Context Problem” and is inspired by Iain M Banks’ book “Excession” in which utopic luxury space communism society “the culture” maybe faces their own Outside Context Problem. Great book, here’s I butchered half a page of it. All the good stuff in those lyrics…

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Learning To Be Me

I wrote a song this weekend inspired by Greg Egan’s short story “Learning To Be Me”. I also made significant progress in my code to puppet and motion-capture the characters in my VR flying saucer story. To celebrate, here is a video of me in the ship’s galley (and also in my studio) doing a…

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Learning To Be Me Screenshot

Profit Implies Loss

In order to avoid having to think about three dimensional vector maths, I have wasted half my weekend writing and recording a song inspired by Hagbard Celine, a person with whom I would have many deep political and philosophical differences if he were a real person. While also being broadly in agreement. My weakened RSI-riddled…

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Puppet against curtains