always sunny

In case anyone was wondering, “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” gets pretty funny around season five or six and you would not have any idea what the show is about by looking at the frankly bizarre and unrepresentative icon Netflix chose for the show.

Dark Days

Dark Days on Gear VR scared me, made me jump, made me laugh hysterically and stare entranced. Episode one was thoroughly entertaining and I’m very much looking to playing through the rest. Perfect Halloween game-playing.

Dark Days

South Park 20

Election years are always a gift to South Park, even when they’re not so inherently absurd to begin with. The presidential farce going on in America is brilliantly captured in these first few episodes. Watch them now. South-park is so topical watching them more than a few weeks late takes away some of their power,…

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Red Dwarf S11E01

Very glad to see more Red Dwarf existing, the new episode was perfectly acceptable Red-Dwarf. I’d give it a B-. and I’ll watch any sci-fi better than a D, really. Even some E+s. So, really great compared to most of the stuff I watch! Made me laugh many times, somehow they don’t seem as old…

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