Test-Print Unboxing!

A video in which Adam receives the initial test-print of the World Cloud Tarot card-deck and looks through the cards, doing their first ever reading in which we find that the world of tarot was indolent and lazy, and should be worried right now because the Word Cloud Tarot deck is here, and will bedevil…

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14 – Wands – King

The King of Wands is an inventor, a financial founder. Innovative in business, but multi-dimensional, also filled with eloquence and likeability. He’s adaptive and his idealism leads to success, and other things listed here on this card for those who can read. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/14-wands-king/

13 – Wands – Queen

The Queen of Wands is a fun loving mothering unbridled dynamic seductress. Her respectfulness and enthusiasm and exuberance are proudly confident. Lots of other things describe her, as can be read on this card in actual words. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/13-wands-queen/

12 – Wands – Knight

The Knight of Wands is a risk-taker filled with energy and power and has aspirations and anticipations of criminal amounts of leisure. Among many other things you can read on this card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/12-wands-knight/

11 – Wands – Page

The Page of wands is a Free Thinking and Powerful Rebel, facing Adversity and Despair, Braving Unhealthy Mindsets and Foolhardy Materialism with Fearlessness Ethics and Hedonist Passion. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/11-wands-page/

9 – Wands – Manifest

The nine of wands is Manifest, and our aliens pulls a rabbit from a hat. His discipline is powerful and insatiable. His lust and infatuation are courageous and vibrant. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/9-wands-manifest/

8 – Wands – Swiftness

The eight of wands is Swiftness, and our alien is pictured running behind words like freedom and consciousness and interpersonal telecommunications that portent a radical destination . https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/8-wands-swiftness/

7 – Wands – Valour

The seven of wands is Valour, and our alien gets a Medal as an Award for Patience and Honesty when he Fought in Combat, facing Difficulty and finding Opportunities. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/7-wands-valour/

6 – Wands – Victory

The alien signs a “V” for victory, signalling the Successful Fruition of his Endeavour, his Influence and Self Confidence have grown, he is a Contemporary Ruler, who through Revolution has Achieved Attainment, and lots of other things you can read on the card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/6-wands-victory/

5 – Wands – Strife

The five of wands is called Strife, and the magical power of Wands finds itself in a struggle and a quarrel against Swords. The battle will be disruptive, filled with violence and squabble.https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/5-wands-strife/

3 – Wands – Virtue

The three of Wands is Virtue, our alien’s Brilliant Bright halo lights up the words behind him like Preparation and Knowledge and Prudence and Piety and Conscious Control. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/3-wands-virtue/

2 – Wands – Dominion

The two of wands is Dominion, and the Wands alien stands at his research table, planning his strategy in the kingdom’s dispute, ways to cause or solve instability and imbalance and perhaps cause some equanimity. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/2-wands-dominion/

1 – Wands – Ace

THE LAST SUIT! I’ve started the LAST SUIT! Only thirteen more to go now. The ace of wands is the birth of a magician, clutching his wand with impetus and originality and power and mystery and drama and lots of other things written on the cards. https://wordcloudtarot.com/wands/1-wands-ace/

1 wands ace

14 – Swords – King

The King of Swords is a mediator, filled with integrity and practising state-craft. His aspiration is to consult and appease and his passion is honest and enthusiastic. He is also many other things, as you can read from this Worldcloud Tarot card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/14-swords-king/

13 – Swords – Queen

The Queen of Swords is a smart advisor, an employer and wealthy passionate enlightened mentor. She’s also many other things, as you can read from the worldcloud tarot card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/13-swords-queen/

12 – Swords – Knight

The Knight of Swords is courageous and stringent and scrupulous and empathic and fun loving and passionate but also snarky. He lifts his sword aloft ready for battle. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/12-swords-knight/

Knight Swords

11 – Swords – Page

The page of swords presents his weapon ceremoniously. The card represents devout sleepless intrigue and passionate but rational concern, among all the other things easily read from the card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/11-swords-page/

Page of Swords

10 – Swords – Ruin

The tenth swords card is called Ruin and features the Swords alien, head in hands, sitting in a ruin. It represents heartache and agony and inability and crisis and backstabbing humanness.Plus a bunch of other things easily surmised by reading the words in the cloud. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/10-swords-ruin/

9 – Swords – Cruelty

The nine of swords is “Cruelty”, and our alien shows his colours by torturing a puppy. He’s brutal and treacherous and worryingly deceitful, the puppy afraid and anxious and afraid. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/9-swords-cruelty/

9 swords

8 – Swords – Interference

The eight of swords is named Interference, and as you can read is as much about self sabotage as restriction and hindrances and unanticipated obstruction. In the image our alien’s sword is interfered with and warped by Wand’s magic powers. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/8-swords-interference/

7 – Swords – Futility

Like Sisyphys, our alien is faced with an impossible futile task on the seven of swords. He faces it with fatalism, wishful tactical direction and the paranoia of stupidity, plus many other things behind him as he pushes his stone once again to the top of his hill. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/7-swords-futility/

6 – Swords – Science

The six of swords is named “Science”, and represents technology and maths and clarity and thinking as you can read on the card here. You can also see our Swords alien doing some actual science with beakers and glowing liquids. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/6-swords-science/

5 – Swords – Defeat

The five of Swords is defeat, and the Swords alien lies dead on the floor, stabbed in the back. The card represents disorder, quarrels, treachery, arrogance and loss and murderous spite as well as many other things written onto the card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/5-swords-defeat/

4 – Swords – Truce

A sneak preview of the Wands alien appears early here at the four of swords, known as truce. For it is with the Wands alien that our Swords alien makes his truce. There is a negotiation, agreement, a fortuitous peace between them and and also written in words behind them. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/4-swords-truce/

3 – Swords – Sorrow

Swords and war and fighting often cause sorrow, and so the three of swords is called Sorrow. Our poor alien is also feeling sad, filled with loneliness, frustrations, headaches and woes, and many other things easily read from the words on the card if not from his expression.

1 Swords – Ace

The ace of swords is the birth of a warrior, clutching his sword with strength and criminal brilliance, representing justice and artistic sharpness, all of which and more are readable on the face of the card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/swords/1-swords-ace/

12 Pentacles – Knight

The Pentalien Knight is the twelfth Pentacles card, and represents mysticism and elegance, perseverance and studious avocation, as well as many other things written in the world-cloud on the card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/12-pentacles-knight/

11 – Pentacles – Page

The Page of Pentacles presents it’s coin to it’s masters. The card represents over-achievers, indoor business, bookish knowledge and many other things that can be easily read from the face of the card. https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/11-pentacles-page/

9 Pentacles – Gain

Sometimes a small sum can lead to a larger sum and lead to a larger sum, this is “Gain”, and is about wealth and richness and abundance, gratitude and a plethora of bounty. https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/9-pentacles-gain/

8 – Pentacles – Prudence

Caring, reasoning, quality learning can lead to rational savings and debt, as you could guess by reading just a few words from the eighth card in Pentacles, known as Prudence. It features the Pentalien, saving his money prudently in a piggy bank.https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/8-pentacles-prudence/

Wordcloud Tarot – 5 Pentacles – Worry

On the fifth Pentacles card, worry, our Pentalien bites his nails, concerned about the loss of his coin, hard-luck and bleakness and loneliness and self doubt and many other things written onto the face of the card in plain English. https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/5-pentacles-worry/

Wordcloud Tarot – 4 Pentacles – Power

On the fourth Pentacles card, our Pentalien holds aloft a fist, signalling power for that is the name of the card. It also signals humanism and savings and consumerism and rigidity and foundation as you can read from the wordcloud behind it. https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/4-pentacles-power/

Wordcloud Tarot – 1 Pentacles – Ace

The Ace of Pentacles shows the birth of the Pentalien, born with a silver coin in his mouth, we see him chewing the cash creatively and successfully. The achievement will surely give the magic baby the power of alchemy and many dollars. https://wordcloudtarot.com/pentacles/1-pentacles-ace/

Wordcloud Tarot – 10 Cups – Satiety

Once Cups has had his fill, he rubs his tummy and licks his lips from satiety. He’s thinking about durability and positioning and gratitude and privacy and all the other things associated with this card which can easily be read from the card’s face. https://wordcloudtarot.com/cups/10-cups-satiety/

Word Cloud Tarot Card

Wordcloud Tarot – 8 Cups – Debauch

The 8th cups card is Indolence, and a lazy alien lounges napping on a couch, his drink spilled. The card represents disinterest and laziness and giving up and gloominess and a lot of other things easily read from the card itself. https://wordcloudtarot.com/cups/8-cups-indolence/