Democratic Representation: Another reply to My MP

Yeah. Two blog posts in one night. I’m like a bus. Well, a bussle of busses.

Here’s something I sent to my MP this week after getting something from her. Frankly, while I admit I was slack in relying, I was ten times faster than her.

Here’s the thing what I wrote:

Thanks for replying in paper form again rather than replying my email as I’d asked,

I can’t be bothered to type much of it in, other than to point out that you said this:

“We’ll have to agree to disagree”

Do you even hear that? Did you actually type it, knowing it goes to someone you’re supposed to represent?

I have to agree to disagree with my official parliamentary representative?

Well. You know. I kinda want a system where I CAN JUST HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE WHO AGREES WITH ME!

(Sorry for caps. I get emotive about this)

When my representative says that we need to disagree, I sort of think maybe that person isn’t my representative any more? No?

So yeah.

Dunno how much point there is even writing again. If I have to agree to disagree with the person who’s supposedly both promised to represent me and also promised (to her party) to vote against my actual preference, and I’m also unable to officially deny represents me and discount her vote, and also refused even a telephone interview about the fact as a referendum approaches on a not-nearly-far-enough proposal which would make little actual difference to correct that matter.


We’ll agree to disagree about whether or not I’m represented in parliament I guess.

I’ll say it just to be sure: You are not representing me. As far as I can tell, you are not representing anyone that I actually know.