Distributed Digital Democratic Dragon’s Den

An Etherum distributed-app has arguably become the biggest crowd-sourced project ever, pulling in a hundred million dollars worth of crypto-currency Ethereum.

It’s called the DAO.

It’s basically a digital investment fund that’ll be controlled by digital voting of the share-holders and (if the voting goes as the folks who wrote it seem to want at least) it’ll be mostly spending that cash on more Distributed Apps.

I’m vaguely surprised that much Eth exists to be honest, but apparently there’s eight times that these days. Crikey.


More than 10% of all the Eth that exists is placed into this one democratically controlled Dapp-Building Dapp fund.

Programmers: If you can write an Eth contract for the work, you can maybe fund your distributed app’s development now. It’s like a cryto-currency Distributed Digital Democratic Dragons Den. You can join the Dragons, or you can try to get the digi-dragons to give you some cash in return for your crypto-business.

I suspect those doing the latter will make more money.

It has the ring of a pyramid scheme.