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Army Of Penguins

New Novella

My new novella, entitled “Do Dream Sheep Bleat?” has been released this weekend. It’s a short story about magic and mind, about consciousness, cognizance and conjuring. Also, there’s a penguin whose picture is on the front cover.

You can read it online, for free, either in your browser or by downloading a pdf. You can also order a nicely bound print copy to be shipped directly to your door. As you can see from the pictures on this page, it’s a handy pocket-sized mini-book. Nice and portable, easily transportable, weighing in at just 80 pages or so. The print copy costs just four UK pounds, but if you’re to cheep to pay it, by all means just download.


Army Of Penguins

What’s it about?

The book follows a few days in the life and dreams of one John Shamrock, quoted on the back of the book as saying “Incredible, this book has completely changed the way I live my life. It’s taught me my aims, my goals, how to achieve my dreams. Now I’m rich!

John is, of course, a fictional character whose life is turned around over those few days by a book which he somehow acquires on a drunken night out. This book is a short novella with a picture of a penguin on the front called “Do Dream Sheep Bleat?“, and appears to be a book about itself.

Over the few days reading that book, John meets a four foot tall, fat, squinty eyed penguin who teaches him about magic.

Army Of Penguins


The penguin, it turns out, is a magical symbol infused with consciousness. It teaches John about “Sidual Magic,” an archaic method to infuse symbols with the ability to have actual, physical, effects on the world.

A magical system which, of course, created the penguin itself, which gave him life.

As John slowly learns from the penguin, and the book, his understanding of his own consciousness, his world view, and as a result his whole life, is turned upside down.

Army Of Penguins

Copyright Agreement

The book’s unusual copyright agreement, termed “Copy-Far-Left,” requires no payment, and allows anybody at all to copy the text with only one restriction: That they make another copy and send it to someone else.

If you do not make a copy and pass it on then you are a pirate and a thief, stealing my livelihood and worse, draining the penguin of the force which gives it power, consciousness and life.

Hope you enjoy reading the novella as much as I enjoyed writing it, please let me know what you think and even more importantly, don’t forget to send it on to someone else too! Help increase the size and might of the army of penguins I’ve sent out into the world to do my bidding.

Click here to read or buy the book.