In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


George Orwell wrote the subject line. It seems that, as I tweeted yesterday, telling the truth has kicked up controversy.

That Nutt has been fired is surprising mostly in that it’s come so late, I really expected him to be fired for his previous comments that Horse Riding and Ecstasy could even be compared in their risk, let alone compared leaving E as the least risky.

The truth is, of course, that the truth is unspeakable. The home office is entrenched and insists that there is a line between “policy” and “science advice”.

I suggest that where such a line exists, the “policy” is at fault.

I hope y’all at the very least join the facebook group to support Nutt, ideally also blog, tweet, post and point out that it appears that official government policy is by admission at odds with the scientific advice.

Really. Honestly.

The government thinks that they know better than the science.

You’d have trouble believing a sci-fi story where the government were openly admitting that their policy was contrary to scientific advice and so, rather than changing policy, they sacked the advisors.

Course, it’s what happens over and over again in the insane drugs policy of this government, and every other government we’ve had for the last fifty years at least.

Alan Johnson is an idiot. The whole government is killing people with their instance in seeing the world how they’d like it to be rather than how it actually is.

I wish the madness away, but I’ve learned that my wishes are contrary to the evidence. So, unlike the national, even global, powers, I change my view of the world rather than deny the evidence.

It’ll mean nothing. They’ll continue to be idiots.

Prove me wrong!