Levels Of Lies

1) Newspaper reports celebrity “under fire”, when it’s the newspapers doing the firing
2) Newspaper reports Dawkins as saying kids shouldn’t be read fairy-tales, when in fact he just said he’d like some research done on whether that helps or not, his suspicion is that it’s harmless.
3) Russel Brand notices the first lie, and calls it out. But he takes the 2nd literately, assuming the Dawkins lie true.
4) Brand comes out with a lie of his own: “according to science consciousness can’t exist”. Um. No. Science certainly doesn’t imply that. There’s a whole science textbook on it here on my shelf, written by Dawkin’s friend Susan Blackmore.
5) Brands reads from a textbook claiming “infinite” metaphors in human mindspace. Potentially infinite maybe. Actual metaphors are countable

I mostly like the format of these Trews things, trash the comical propaganda in the newspapers then read from a proper educational book. Compare actual deep understanding with the literally made-up nonsense in the newspapers.

Annoying how much he seems to misunderstand science though. It’s all those middle-eastern mystics what did him in I guess.