Looking for voice actors for a couple of hours work.

I’m making an animated tentacle monster film.

In a post-apocalyptic nightmare world, tentacle monsters roam the earth devouring the last remnants of human kind but Sally is just worried she can’t find any new shoes.

I need two voice actors to voice five characters: Sally, her robot, a tentacle monster and his mistress, plus a little tentacle-juice eating parasitic worm who doesn’t really even talk, just make noises.

A very early picture of the main characters:

Picture of the cast

They’ll all get more work before it’s done, the monster(s) in particular, but it gives you some idea. The bedroom set will surely not be used in a post-apocalypic world. 

I can pay 25 quid each for two hours work in a basement studio in Woolwich (South-East London, UK) from 8pm on Thursday March 22nd 2012. If you prefer you can take a 2% of the gross from flogging downloads at a quid a pop, but my guess is the 25 quid will be more.

I’ll send you a copy for your showreels etc. when it’s done (aiming for about August, but who knows). The first act will be freely available anyway. If you’re interested then record two of the sample lines from characters below and email an wav or mp3 to me, pre@dalliance.net , before Monday 12th of March please.


* Sally: “It the world was going to be taken over by space monsters, couldn’t it at least have been space-monsters with feet? Who like shoes?”
* Female Monster: “Oh goody, a crunchy human, how exquisite!”

* Robot: “Interstellar travel can’t be done on foot miss, whatever your footwear. We need a flying saucer.”
* Male Monster: “They’ve taken our flying saucer! How unsporting!”

Thanks folks,