My phone keyboard app tells me that I have swiped a mile with it now.

That’s done in, roughly, a year. Depending on whether it’s counting distance racked up on the old stolen phone.

I think this is low, compared to most folk’s who use a Swype-style swiping keyboard.

For Swift Key isn’t really about swipes, it’s more about gestures.

I never really got on with the swiping word-at-a-time keyboards. They were obviously better than pressing a letter at a time but it always guessed the wrong word for me coz I was trying to be too quick and I’m sloppy and my fingers are too fat.

I installed Swiftkey mostly coz I wanted to make a custom background on my keyboard really and it was the only decent looking one that would let me do that freely.

But it doens’t work like a swiping keyboard. You tap out a rough-and-sloppy-guess as the word you want and then just swipe right across the whole keyboard to say “guess the word from my sloppy hint”. And it seems to guess right more often than the swipes ever did, for me. But you can just keep swiping right if it guesses wrong to get to the next best guess.

I like the short-cut system where you can set up abbreviations for commonly typed things, I like the easy cut-and-paste row you can set up, and I like the noises it makes.

I *wish* the noises it makes were customizable so I could make it sound like Ziggy off of Quantum Leap. If they enabled that feature I’d give it the full five stars.

I don’t understand why basically no phones at all sound like Ziggy off of Quantum Leap. It’s a sad tragedy of our times. Must be copyright restrictions or something.

Swift Key is on the Play Store and I am not affiliated with them. They don’t even know I exist nor have they ever acknowledged my requests for Ziggy-noises plugins.