My New Song – Pirate Party Call To Arms

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November. Copyright, treason, and plot.

Lord Mandelson proposes a Three Strikes rule, allowing industry to disconnect entire families though accusing them three times of copyright infringement. No judge. No Jury. No judicial oversight.

This is just the latest example of the over-extension of copyright laws.

The Pirate Party wants to retract over extended copyright laws, reduce the database state and end the surveillance society.

I made a song pointing some of that out to celebrate November 5th.

Produced and written by Adam Priest

Video by Edensounds

Backing Music by DJ Wings

Mixed by Danalogue

2 thoughts on “My New Song – Pirate Party Call To Arms

  1. Um, yeah. These are what I meant to sing. I may have altered a few of ’em in the process of singing though.—————–They control us, they contain us,Censor us and they shape us.bottle up our thoughts and price ’emSell us back mass market pabulumEdited, and fucking censored,adjusted for their addenda.They make us PAY or sue us,threaten us, as mere consumersPay our government to betray us,Make us placid to contain uswhile they pretend to entertain usAs their machine just fucking mames usFUCK THEM!FUCK THEM!We can control our own damn data,liberate and free our culture,free our minds, ditch their court finesThey don’t control our fucking mindsWe’ll destroy their bottled market crap,Stuff pretend culture up their ass!Put our our OWN art in the commonsDrown ’em out with genuine concerns.We’ll take our culture and evolve itwithout corporations to control itmake it BETTER for it’s own sakeMake art for fucking art’s sake.Don’t owe nothing to the man,Art’s for us, the average clan,Won’t take their cash to make a splash,Make a difference with our indifferenceCOPY ME! COPY ME! Copy me till I die.COPY ME! COPY ME! Copy or I die.Pay to hear the culture of our nation?It’s already OURS without obligationDon’t need no copying restriction,when it’s said with real convictionWont pay to hear our own mindsart’s is culture, not a cash-mineIt’s the soul of all mankindnot a cash-cow all enshrinedSAY WHAT YOUR WANT,COPY WHAT YOU WANT!Spread the best!Ignore the rest!Raze pay-culture to the ground,don’t need it to be crownedas some monopoly restrictionWhen it’s said with real convictionIt’s time to blow up copyright,time to win the copy fightCrowd-source our god-damned mediaFacebook, Digg, wikipediaReddit crowdsources our headlinesYoutube’s seeing to their demiseWe’ll build own our OWN god-damned CULTURE!Steal it back from all those those vulturesScrew MTV, Screw FOX,Screw BBC and the rest of those fucks,We can listen to what we wantRe-tweet what we wantDon’t need their permissionto specify our missionWe can make up our own crap!Don’t need their boring pap.We have the power!We have the power!TAKE BACK OUR CULTURE!BURN THEM!Burn them right down.The power is OURS!—————————Something like that.

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