October 2021 digest


Digest 2021


This month’s new cartoon is “Fuel”, in which The Observers laugh at the fancy-dress moneys fighting each other. But what are they really fighting about?


As usual, there’s a flat-screen version and a 3d Virtual Reality version.


I read This Is How You Lose The Time War, by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone.

Two soldiers in the time-war get caught up in a letter-writing dialogue and fall in love. Good poetry in the way the letters between Red and Blue are composed, they’re beautiful and lyrical. A strange and winding story. Not bad, it won a Hugo award which was probably well deserved.


Watched Greg Davies’ new series on the BBC The Cleaner about a crime-scene cleaner cleaning up after the murders and stuff.

He’s brilliant, and they’re all great stand-alone episodes. Cute stories about people in strange days of their lives. No gore, just jokes.