Plea to my new (old) MP

I am very drunk, and should certainly be in bed rather than writing to congratulate my new (old) MP.

Nevertheless, I am not.


Open litter to my MP:

Dear Emily.

Excellent, surprising and (I admit, for me, disappointing) work there Emily. I don’t know if you can receive email through the parliamentary system or not, but it’s the only email address I have for you.

Um. Can we have PR now?


Surely this situation can give us a referendum on PR.

This vote wasn’t one, but we can have one.

We haven’t agreed much, but I have hope we can agree on that.


Congrats again, really good election skills 😉

One thought on “Plea to my new (old) MP

  1. Update:Got a reply from my new old MP, and it turns out we can’t even agree on electoral reform, no. She’s up for it with the Lords maybe, but is obsessed with this ‘link’ between a geographical location and an MP.*sigh*Divide and conquer I call it. Split everyone up according to arbitrary nothingness like the place they happen to live so they can’t band together over actually relevent things like their political point of view, where they happen to live on the political compass.Anyway, yeah, she’s not even up for Alternative Vote.I reckon I could get an MP who actually agrees with me on some things occasionally if we split into constituencies according to the political boundaries instead of geographical ones.Till then, I guess I”m not represented on this issues coz my representative and I disagree. Again.

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