Stabby MPs

Thing is, the Stabby MPs (that should be the name for the new political party they are going to inevitably have to form now) are certainly right that our media’s reaction to Corbyn and to any hint of any diversity in politics at all is a joke, and you probably can’t actually win elections that way.

It may be that it’s literally impossible to run a serious political party when you have such an insane and unserious blatantly hostile right-wing owned national media.

But when your mission *is* actually hostile to the national media, on account of it’s insanity and unseriousness and right-wing ownership, that’s what you’re gonna get.

Not coz of your jumpers and your lack of queen-nodding, not even for your bacon-sandwich eating fails. But for whatever the hell you do.

The only possible way to make the media easier on the next guy or girl is to have a diluted mission.

There is nobody with the same mission who can do better with that media crowd, because they aren’t mocking Corbyn, they’re mocking his mission.

Our mission.

The very first thing we have to do is get everyone to turn off the television and stop reading the newspapers because those things are poison.

The problem is our democracy isn’t diverse enough to do anything about it. And it can’t become more diverse while we have this stupid two party first-past-the-post system.

If it can be done at all, then the Stabby MPs aren’t helping, it can’t be done *with* the media. It has to be done *against* them. They are incapable of helping in the actual mission, which is why, say, Paul Mason had to quit before his voice could sound authentic.

I mean we need to be able to have more than two political parties, this situation is actually ridiculously insane and apparently deliberately divisive and it is utterly toxic to any kind of compromise or debate.