Stabby MPs

CorbynDemonImagine that you’re a Labour MP and you think Corbyn is what the media have been spinning him as: a hopeless unelectable incompetent throwback from a past age who will surely doom us all. You think, for some bizarre reason, that Corbyn is to blame for the Brexit insanity rather than it being Cameron’s fault.

What then would be a good way to get rid of him?

Well. You could get all your PR media friends to use words like “unelectable” whenever they talked about him, you could mock him constantly for irrelevant things then have a media circus where you collude to flounce out one after another, asking him to resign over and over again until he quits.

That might work.

I mean. It’ll risk splitting the party, and be disloyal, but, you have a lot of PR contacts at least. So you can probably pull it off.


You could refrain from constantly briefing against your own leader, making him incapable of opposition.

Then, after that, you could blame the Tories for getting us into a mess, demand an immediate general election to determine the course of exit.

Even tell the truth: That David Cameron’s incompetence is spinning the country out of control and this government is not only so broken as to have achieved a referendum result they didn’t want but also have no plan at all for what to do next.

You demand a debate about the course of Brexit. Nationally, and also within all the political parties: We must come up with some plans, discuss them, debate them and modify them until we have a good one.

Then you pick someone who you think can do a better job than Corbyn, have them make a better plan than he can make and argue it to the Labour membership.

This bit shouldn’t be hard. Corbyn is useless at debate and elections, right?

Have your candidate win the debate, then issue a leadership challenge to enable her to lead the party through our exit with that plan. Win that debate, that leadership, and then the general election you demanded from our government.

So which do you pick?

[Spoiler space for those who don’t know. Think about it!]


You do exactly what the Tories just did: Execute the plan, fuck the consequences.

The Stabby MPs have failed to outmanoeuvre a man they previously condemned as a hopeless incompetent and by not letting him fight and lose a debate, they have likely split the Labour party.

*Slow* *Hand* *Clap*

Well done Stabby MPs! You all have excellent leadership potential!

Please do NOT join the Greens.

Coz I don’t care.

My favoured outcome is that The Labour Party splits to be honest. I gave up on Labour years ago because of their spin and media-manipulation and machiavellian plots executed through corporate-funded PR-agency press briefings and compromise with Murdoch.

Fuck all that.

Looked like there might be hope to reclaim the party for a moment there.

I never really believed it, but, I had some faint hope.

They couldn’t even give it a whole year.


I hope they get the party they want.

Either by leaving the Labour party or making everyone else leave.

I hope the people who don’t want that come join the Greens if the Stabby MPs win, and that those who like those tactics never do.