Summing Up My Election Night – Bedtime. #ge2010

So we’re all anarchists now then?


I guess.

I think I described roughly this result as “best hope” a couple of days ago. But watching it unfold, watching Limbet lose his seat, watching Evens lose his seat, watching my lib candidate Bridget Fox have her opponent’s majority increased by like thousands of votes, watching the Pirates all fall under 1%, it didn’t really feel like a win.

The libs should deal with Cameron, if and only if he offers a referendum on PR. Surely? I mean that is the price.

But I don’t think he will. Which makes it tricky. I hope I’m wrong

I think I agree with my assessment a couple of days ago. This is, basically, the best realistic result. God but it burns though.

Anyway. I should actually go to bed I reckon. Hope the party leaders are getting more sleep than me 🙂