The subtle influence of auto-logo algorithms on society

I’m trying to think about Logo Design right now, coz I’m gonna start trying to make my new project tomorrow. I know I won’t do a good enough job, and that eventually, I’ll have to get someone else to do it. Someone who can do a good job. It’s not important enough at this embryonic stage to get someone in, on the other hand, the way it looks and it’s shape and colours will inevitably influence me as I go on to build the whole feel and interface of the project around it.

As I mould the GUI like clay.

It’s an interesting phase. I think Red and Gold are the colours for this one. For good reasons: the basic memes are fund-raising-thermometers and padlocks, which are typically Red and Gold.


Padlocks are silver. But Gold looks better and these padlocks need to shine and be bright and symbolise the hope of chains broken rather than locking things away in the dark. Hopefully most of the locks here will be OPEN!

And thermometers are typically mercury, which is also silver coloured. I have literally no idea why the iconic thermometer is red. For blood perhaps.

Symbolism is more important here than actual physics.

I’ll probably just end up using The GIMP’s auto-logo functions again. Writing a good auto-logo function could dictate the whole of commerce I suspect. Bend the minds of the prototypers.