As you may know, the government have passed their Snoopers Charter retro-actively legalizing their spying on all citizens, legalizing lying in court about where they get their evidence, and promising that in future they’ll ensure your complete browsing history is available to everyone from MI5 through the Food Standards Agency to the Gambling Commission.


You may of course opt-out of this spying, by simply re-routing all your Internet traffic through a less extremist totalitarian government than our own.

[Edit: Was https://www.goldenfrog.com/, but a conversation on Facebook convinced me to switch before the trail was out, mostly coz of logging levels and price]
I have chosen a company based in Iceland, since their new parliament is more heavily Pirate Party based than most and the country seems more keen in internet freedoms in general.

Who will you trust to keep your internet traffic away from our insane censorious spying extremist right wing government and the more technically savvy hackers who will surely steal the data from them?