What is anarchism?

Should anarchists want to ban money?

Money is certainly a way that some human beings exert power over other human beings.

If you’re an “anarchist” then you want to remove ways that some human beings have power over other human beings.


Thus: Eliminate money.

But this is basically just us trying to determine what each of us mean by the word “anarchist”. Which is entirely pointless. We’re allowed to mean different things when we use the same word.

You guys mostly seemed to think it’s position in word-space is closer to “libertarian” than I do.

I tend to think of it as more communal, public and socialistic than that.

Anarchy must surely mean that nobody has power over another, and having more money means you have power over another.

To me, a meritocracy in which the more talented, skillfull, strong or lucky have power isn’t an anarchistic society at all. It’s like the opposite of that. That’d be a meritocracy, not an anarchy. Or maybe a capitalistic society rather than an anarchic one?

But hey I’m not claiming to be anarchist so if you wanna label yourselves as such then go ahead and use whatever label you like.

Anarchist means “Rich people have power over poor people” if you want it to mean that.

That’s fine.

I’m not an anarchist anyway. I hesitate to even call myself human usually.

I was probably the leftist of us there that night I reckon. To be fair, I’m probably the leftist of the people in most rooms.

I have no doubt that you all were accepting of my opinion and willing to question your own beliefs and actually discuss things.

That, to me, is more important than what names we calls things.

So that’s a win.