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Just until the UFOs Destroy The Planet!

Join us and celebrate all night the night before:

Event Details


The European Church Of The Subgenius Presents:

Euro-X-Day2009 End Of The World Show Spectacular!

UFOs from another planet are coming to destroy the world at 7am, on July the 5th. There is only one way to be saved: come celebrate with us all night long. We will have comedy, preaching, bands, DJs, and will end the show with THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD.

Doors Open July 4th, 10pm

Plus! Preaching from Pope Black, Rev. Priest, Pope Mickey Finn, The Andi Chirst, and visuals from Stickman

At The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, E1 1EW - (Map).

The European Church is affiliated with The Global Subgenius Empire

Main Sermon Leaked

It seems someone was secretly filming the dress rehearsal of Rev Priest's sermon and has leaked the content to the internet.

They even tell everyone to spread it before we can censor the thing! The cheek! Please. I implore you. Don't spread this stuff at all! Not unless you actually believe that advance previews might help sell tickets or something crazy like that.

Whatever you do don't spread this URL around: http://bit.ly/F7KH6

If people got a hold of that URL it might mean that hundreds of people turn up at our show. Can you imagine that? Can you see that? Hundreds of people, all there to give money to "Bob!" just because you forward that video, now, to ten of your friends and ask them to do the same.

Final Warning

The European Church Of The Subgenius invited the public and the media to an official "Final Warning" at Hyde Park Corner on Saturday the 6th of June at 2pm.

Read Our Report.

Who Are The Church Of The Subgenius?

The Subgenius Church is the world first Industrial Religion, a rock n roll cult that offers the world's only religious money-back guarantee: Eternal Salvation Or Triple Your Money Back! Here you'll find some links to church publicity material:

The Official Church Website is massive, chaotic, and largely unnavigable.

The Pamphlet which started it all is imaginatively named Pamphlet Number One.

The Follow Up is imaginatively named Pamphlet Number Two.

The Official FAQ is called the Slaq.

The Church Of The Subgenius has a Wikipedia Entry.

Video Flyer

A live rendition of Rev Priest's "The Excuse", with a bonus extra chorus to promote the show.

The Event Around The Web

Invite your friends to The Facebook Event.

Obviously the event is listed at The Subgenius Events Page

The B3ta Calendar over on b3ta.

Don't Stay In Event at dontstayin.com

We also have a page of our press releases.

Print Your Own Flyers

YES! you may print your own fliers. Please, do so. Scatter some about. Drop 'em in the local pub.

Mash ups

Feel free to remix and reshuffle and mash up all our Xday propaganda. If you do so, and send it to us, we'll link it here!

Rev Sweetness McGee has remixed our final warning into an audio delight for your listening pleasure.

Rev Priest's Book:

Rev Priest's book "Yes, the conspiracy really exists, and furthermore it's all YOUR FAULT" is available to buy or read online, or indeed to send to a friend, or even copy and sell if that's your gig. Whatever. Spread the word of "Bob".


For more information, quotes, interviews, silliness, pictures, modeling oportunites, etc. contact Rev Priest at pre@dalliance.net