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Here’s the stuff I’ve made that I’m most proud of.


Here’s my latest posts to the free fediverse, some rambling, some ranting, mostly just commenting on stuff I’ve read lately. Some of it gets syndicated to Twitter but mostly not. The best of it reaches my monthly digest email.

“Welcome to the world of NFTs w…”

Welcome to the world of NFTs where the data is as decentralized as a github repo.

“Was wondering briefly how easi…”

Was wondering briefly how easily I could make some to give away as business cards.

nfts are stupid, but excuses to hand out the cards and talk about the project and encourage followers are few enough that I seek them out.

is fairly sane, I think, as far as these things go.

So I was looking at how to register a nft on the Solana blockchain then and it's easy enough if you install the software to do it.

But one thing just didn't seem to fit into it: Where in the NFT is it linked to the image on the business-card I give away? There must be a place to store the name of the NFT and a hash of the image or something, right?

And there is. Yes.

It's on Github:

Not even on the chain.

I mean FFS.

“What I especially like about t…”

What I especially like about the way people complain about boats full of refugees is the way they complain that they're mostly single men, but also complain that they shouldn't put their women and children on dangerous boats.

Can't win if you're a I guess.

Safe Passage is what's needed here, so we can get some of those refugees into the country to drive the lorries and harvest the crops that are rotting in the fields and all the other jobs that are unfilled.

The UK is in the grip of insanity.


“If you stare at this screensho…”

If you stare at this screenshot from today's and cross your eyes right you can see it in .


“The indy reckons that the fact…”

The indy reckons that the fact that we are dumping so much sewage into the sea means that tomato seeds passed through the human gut are sprouting and growing on the beaches.


People casually eating them feels icky. Not sure i would.


“Pretty good day today.…”

Pretty good day today.

Fixed the problems with my app


Optimized loads of things in my -fi system so now the keyframe-editing is usable even if there's thousands and thousands of keyframes. And thus was able to fixed a bunch of glitches in that V0.3 story.

Played lots of in vr, raiding a derelict space-freighter, exploring an underwater relic, flying around the galaxy, tending my base.


A list of the last few things I’ve enjoyed reading/watching or sometimes bookmarked to read later. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed here or follow the little robot on the fediverse that toots them out as I bookmark them.

Patch Friday

You can't spy on me from the phone you sold me if If don't buy it.

Updated Look At Long-Term AI Risks - by Scott Alexander - Astral Codex Ten

"People working in the field don't have a specific unified picture of what will go wrong"

Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here’s How. - Kraken Blog

Fingerprints are not passwords, you leave them everywhere you go, stop using fingerprints as passwords you morons.

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » On blankfaces

Scott Aaronson on bureaucratic blankfaces and Harry Potter and Pandemics

The Big Misconception About Electricity - YouTube

Veritasium on how power flows around power lines and electrical circuits.

Ivermectin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know - Astral Codex Ten

Scott Alexander looks at all the Ivermectin studies. Skip to the conclusions when you've read enough of that.Ask yourself why an anti-worm medicine might appear to work against something else, especially in poor hot countries with high incidence of worm parasitism.

Why is China smashing its tech industry? - by Noah Smith - Noahpinion

Why is China battering it's own tech industry? This guy thinks they just don't see value in consumer apps and would rather have chips and fuel.

Doc Pop's One-Dimensional Chess

One Dimensional Chess.


Nice little web-app for glitching photos.

She Drew the Gun - Class War (Official Music Video) - YouTube

She Drew The Gun have a new recording - Class War. It's really great.

Jeff Bezos - Space Oddity - YouTube

Jeff Bezos sings Bowie... Ground control to giant dong.

Edward Snowden calls for spyware trade ban amid Pegasus revelations | Edward Snowden | The Guardian

Pegasus is phone-tapping software, sold by private companies. Snowdon says:For traditional police operations to plant bugs
or wiretap a suspect’s phone, law enforcement would need to “break into
somebody’s house, or go to their car, or go to their office, and we’d
like to think they’ll probably get a warrant”.But
commercial spyware made it cost-efficient for targeted surveillance
against vastly more people. “If they can do the same thing from a
distance, with little cost and no risk, they begin to do it all the
time, against everyone who’s even marginally of interest,”

A tentacle themed attire for the gig

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