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Here’s my latest posts to the free fediverse, some rambling, some ranting, mostly just commenting on stuff I’ve read lately. Some of it gets syndicated to Twitter but mostly not. The best of it reaches my monthly digest email.

“More than a week now since the…”

More than a week now since the tall alien told the short alien he expected the media to talk about for days, maybe weeks.


“Some of the biggest liars that…”

Some of the biggest liars that I've ever witnessed tell a lie are now telling me that Russia intends to invade Ukraine and I have no way to check or than asking other lairs.

One of the liars is on TV right now lying that if Russia did invade there would be sanctions against Russia but given prices lately I'm pretty sure if we could afford to not buy their natural gas we'd already be not buying it.

I hope the people in Ukraine will be okay but I doubt further involvement by the liars, criminals and war-mongers in control of my country would do anything other than make things worse.

“It's fun watching the waves of…”

It's fun watching the waves of new fediverse people washing in every now and then when Twitter or Facebook do something offensive and stupid, or ban someone famous, or their country's government shuts down whatever that country's main one was until then.

You see them mostly from the posts of the admins of all the instances, re-tooting their pinned introduction posts and the and messages that get boosted.

It's fun seeing the variety of instances grow.

The waves of people flow in, and then mostly flow out again, but the overall trend is always growth.

That's how interoperability works.

Welcome new friends.

Welcome new enemies.

We interoperate here. Including the personalized interoperable blocking for the fans of cancel culture or to use against the spammers.

You can put a hex-shape badge on your avatar if you like. Or not. We won't stop you. Copy paste a blue-tick into your instance handle if you want: ☑️

Copy/paste it, you don't even have to right-click.

“It is of course impossible to …”

It is of course impossible to set your avatar to an NFT. It's a category error to even think it might be.

An avatar is an image, you see. You can have your avatar as a photograph or an anime picture or a digital punk. Those are all images.

An NFT is not an image, it is a token on a blockchain. It's a support-ticket with no queue. It doesn't look like anything. It's not an image.

Try not to confuse your blockchain token with the images in the packaging used to sell it to you.

“Half of the #uk is barely lite…”

Half of the is barely literate so they buy this comic book that's written for children instead of a newspaper.

Today's front page shows a pork pie, sliced up like a pie-chart. The "End Of Covid Rules" slice being bigger than "Revolting MPs" and "Partygate Enquiry" clices put together.

I think they're implying that removing health and safety legislation somehow out-weighs being a hypocrite, serial liar and charlatan who's policies are destroying the nation.

I still dunno what the headline means. Crust ahead? The Sun used to write poor jokes as headlines but this one's more like a cryptic crossword clue.

The deputy editor of the sun used to work for Boris Johnson and this front page story was written by Boris Johnson's wife's ex.

“Watched The Tourist, from the …”

Watched The Tourist, from the BBC and partners. A memory-loss thriller.

Thing about memory loss stuff is, well, he remembers what a phone is and what an address is but not what Simon and Garfunkle are and if I were a character in the show I'd spend so long asking him what he didn't and didn't remember we'd still be doing it by episode six.

Do you know what a Light Saber is? Do you know what Star Wars is? You seem to remember what a gun is, do you remember seeing that scene in Pulp Fiction and could you stop pointing a gun at me in a car please.

Good fun show though.

“I think this is the best angle…”

I think this is the best angle. You can see the lights reflected in each window in a faint infinite-mirror effect.

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A list of the last few things I’ve enjoyed reading/watching or sometimes bookmarked to read later. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed here or follow the little robot on the fediverse that toots them out as I bookmark them.

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs - YouTube

good and detailed description of the whole scene really rather than being just about NFTs as its title implies. Starting at the 2008 mortgage crisis and giving a full history through bitcoin and Eth and the rest for 40 minutes before it even gets to NFTs.He knows of what he speaks, and is nicely sceptical.Interesting point that people can drop apparently random NFTs into your wallet and if you interact with it, eg to try and delete it or send it to null, it can do whatever it wants. Including draining your wallet into a scammers wallet. So if randoms send you things, you really should ignore them and then they'll be sitting there in your wallet as an explosive mine with a thieving payload for all time.Hadn't thought about that. Good to know. Bitcoin with Lightning doesn't have that issue of course coz it doesn't have smart-contracts at all.He does completely ignore Lightning, even though Lightning and small blocks is the only thing which can make a global distributed blockchain actually viable at scal…

Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA | WIRED

Be careful what genes you sequence and keep your gene-sequencing software up to date.

Honest Government Ad | AUKUS 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 - YouTube

The US and UK and Aus have a deal to fuck everyone else, even their own populations. Here's Juice Media on how...

People Seem Evil Because the World Has Gotten Better (And Then a Bit Worse Suddenly)

The safer you generally feel, the easier it is to see milder events and
trends as harmful, and this is the key to understanding why concept
creep happens.

Caricatures of Westminster insiders are false. They’re even worse than we thought - New Statesman

Armando on Westminster: They really do drink while strategising tax tapers. They really do snog under a portrait of Henry Campbell-Bannerman. They actually did wheel a booze fridge in by the Downing Street back door.

Practically-A-Book Review: Yudkowsky Contra Ngo On Agents

Scott's summary of a AI-safety debate.

Pluralistic: 30 Sep 2021 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

Facebook lie and cheat, so why believe them when they say their advertising or political influence work?

Your DNA is already in a database - YouTube

Because the DNA sampling now uses so many nucleotides, you can figure out who someone is even if you don't have their DNA, so long as you have the DNA of like their fourth cousin.And the public ancestry-tracing DNA libraries mean that basically everyone has a fourth cousin in the public databases now so we are all traceable from that data even if we never got sampled ourselves.

Save The BBC? In Whose Interests? – Media Lens

"All too many BBC luvvies and their supporters are currently wringing
their hands at the prospect of Rupert Murdoch, or some other neafarious
billionaire, getting their hand on the BBC. We are now all supposed to
come to the aid of the state broadcaster. Kerry-Anne Mendoza, founder of
left-wing news website The Canary, noted the irony:"
- "‘BBC pundits pleading with the left to back them after a half decade campaign smearing us as antisemites’"

Britain is in Denial About the Catastrophic Consequences of Brexit | by umair haque | Sep, 2021 | Eudaimonia and Co

Britain Has Turned Into an Orwellian Society — Where Nobody Can Talk About Brexit

Nanowar Of Steel - Tooth Fairy (Lyrics Video) [feat. Mario Draghi] - YouTube

A power metal song about the tooth fairy's tooth-purchasing policy causing inflationary pressures.

Brexit & Beyond: This crisis could be an opportunity

The way remainers kept scratching at the "£350 Million a week for the
NHS claim" in 2016 actually helped [leavers] keep the public debate focussed
on that (spurious) claim. Now, their insistence on trying to discredit
Brexit as a cause of the crisis helps to keep that (correct) claim in
the headlines. Latest polling evidence suggests
that a substantial majority of the public (68%) and, even, a small
majority (52%) of leave voters think Brexit is partly to blame for the
petrol shortages.

A tentacle themed attire for the gig

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