You can call me Pre.

This is my website. It has existed for the majority of the time the web has existed. It’s existed for more than 20 years now. That’s how old I am.

These days I’m mostly working on a flying saucer story set in VR, promoting my Wordcloud Tarot Deck, Playing music with the band, and of course the day-jobs.


Here is the things I’ve been making, mostly in order of how recently I worked on them, so the ones at the bottom are basically just archives.


You can find me on Facebook or Twitter but frankly why would you? Those places are terrible corporate curated sinkholes where freedom goes to die. I’m only there because you are there. They hide your friend’s posts from you, they hide your posts from your friends, they stick adverts in your faces, they spy on you. They offer to manipulate you for corporate and political interests in return for money.

They are horrible, and yet there exist open and free sunlit uplands with no adverts and no monitoring and no spying and simple chronological ordering giving you your own way to group or filter messages.

You should leave the corporate web and follow me on the open free fediverse.

I cross-post some of the things I post to the fediverse to the corporate social-networks, but a decreasing amount of it and only as a courtesy to those who haven’t had the power to leave yet. I know you’ll follow soon.

I’m hosting at boing.world and if we are friends, or have friends in common, then I’m happy to host you there too. Otherwise find a host that suits your interests and give me a follow from there. Maybe we’ll become friends.

You will see nothing on the Facebook/Twitter feeds that you won’t see on the Fediverse feed, and you will see more on the Fediverse feed than either of the billionaire-owned horrors.

Here’s my latest posts to the free fediverse:

“Team lesser-evil's bombs are s…”

Team lesser-evil's bombs are so much better than the other team's bombs, don't you think?

“Paid 45 quid in import taxes t…”

Paid 45 quid in import taxes today. Not actually sure if it would have been any different before but I'm calling it a brexit-tax anyway.



Where do Labour want to base these nukes once Scotland leaves the UK?

Does the port which will get them want them?

I've heard it argued that an independent Scotland should skuttle those subs and dispose of the nukes safely rather than hand them over to a government with the kind of needless foreign-adventures record of the English government.

Not sure I disagree. If I was Scotland and found myself in possession of Iraq's nukes I definitely wouldn't hand them over. Is it really better to give them to the English?


“Juice-Media's "Honest Governme…”

Juice-Media's "Honest Government Ad" on the Facebook/News-Media kerfuffle.

Seems about right.


“You know these "vaccine passpo…”

You know these "vaccine passports" that the government is still pretending they won't do, right?

A lot of people will be sad when they realize they won't get one until 12 weeks after their first jab because the government decided everyone could wait for their second dose.

Don't book that holiday too early folks!

“#brexit making it impossible t…”

making it impossible to ship books in from the USA? Seems like it is according to Cory Doctorow.

Not Cory's fault of course, nor the bookshop. The UK is to blame for raising sanctions against itself in a fit of pointless xenophobia.


“Surprisingly, the path-out-of-…”

Surprisingly, the path-out-of-lockdown plan looks about right. I suspect the schedule will need to slip for some of those later stages but for once Boris isn't obviously stupid and wrong.

Here's my tarot-reading account wondering what some random numbers think of it all:



A list of the last few things I’ve enjoyed reading/watching or sometimes bookmarked to read later. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here or follow the little robot on the fediverse that toots them out as I bookmark them.

Paleopocalypse! - Narrated by Stephen Fry. - YouTube

Stephen Fry narrates a Hitchikers-guide style 90 seconds on the "Adams Event", 42,000 years ago.

Scott Alexander on the NY times article after publication

I’ve already done what everybody with a bone to pick against the media has - moved to Substack and m...

Topia - Video Chat in a Virtual World

Little map-driven group-meeting app like gather.town but prettier and better music facilities. No Fi...

Neuroscience shows how interconnected we are – even in a time of isolation | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Words, meaning, connection, may not be necessarily to do with physical presence

Issues and hurdles when performing the initial upgrade // Mobian's Blog

Issues to bear in mind first upgrade of mobian phone

Mindscape 132: Michael Levin

the relationship between the basic bioinformatic building blocks (genes and proteins) to the macros...

Contra Weyl On Technocracy - Astral Codex Ten

Scott Alexander defending logic and rationality again

Know Your Amphetamines - Astral Codex Ten

Scott Alexander: Aderal and the other amphetamines and ADHD

EFF Transition Memo to Incoming Biden Administration | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Great breifing document from EFF for incoming president Biden on digital issues

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