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Here’s my latest posts to the free fediverse, some rambling, some ranting, mostly just commenting on stuff I’ve read lately. Some of it gets syndicated to Facebook or Twitter but mostly not and Facebook will be deleted soon.

“Well fuck you too lava lamp.”

Well fuck you too lava lamp.

“Getting a bunch of hang-up cal…”

Getting a bunch of hang-up calls today from mobile numbers that are all the same number as mine except for the last two digits.

Strange. Spoofed numbers I assume.

Wonder what that's all about.

“Queens speech seems terrifying…”

Queens speech seems terrifying.

Sounds like they plan an assault on democracy, an assault on the NHS, an assault on internet freedom, more powers to suppress and oppress, and deeper ties with oppressive regimes.


“Editing audio files together t…”

Editing audio files together to match the script to build the audio for this car-chase film.

Three minutes done, and we're up one minute thirty in the script. So. i guess this might end up being a ten minute film rather than a five minute film.


Will the cars have to go at half speed? That might not be ideal. Might have to lengthen the route.



Explain to a reincarnated Isaac Newton.

He's better at maths than you, but he's never heard of electricity.

The word "Algorithm" is just an Arabic name.

He ran the Royal Mint, so he thinks he knows about money, but only what smart people thought money was 300 years ago. So he thinks money has to be made out of gold.

He's never heard the word or, or or or or , let alone or or .

How many toots will it take you?

“Been out to try and overthrow …”

Been out to try and overthrow the government. Just the mayor and local government this time.

Voting place was the most full I've ever seen it. Presumably virus-restrictions and multiple complex voting forms making it take each person longer.

Mostly Green with a 2nd-choice vote for Labour for Mayor.


A list of the last few things I’ve enjoyed reading/watching or sometimes bookmarked to read later. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed here or follow the little robot on the fediverse that toots them out as I bookmark them.

Pollokshields Shows How To Achieve Independence - Craig Murray

Craig Murray on the astonishing scenes of Scots people protecting asylum
seekers from the racist deportation by Westminster's state officers.

TRUE Limits Of Humanity – The Final Border We Will Never Cross

Kurzgesagt on the cosmic horizon and the sad story of how it's impossible to ever reach 99% of the universe we can currently see

The Future is over | The Italian Review

Paul Mason: " can industrial capitalism...adapt quickly enough to deliver a circular
economy, stabilise the biosphere, and stop burning carbon?"" The only way to escape climate change is to move forward – with a
radical and immediate upheaval in the way we live. The only way to
escape the new great game of power politics between Russia, China,
Europe and the USA is to spread revolutionary democracy to all states
governed by oligarchic elites. The only way to end the stranglehold of
Google, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba is to break them up and start the
Internet again, with intellectual property destroyed as a concept. There
is no possibility of «reversing out» of these crises as one would a
parking space."

There’s no such thing as a tree (phylogenetically) | Eukaryote Writes Blog

Imagine if actually there were amphibian birds and mammal birds and
insect birds flying all around, and they all looked pretty much the same
– feathers, beaks, little claw feet, the lot. You had to be a real bird
expert to be able to tell an insect bird from a mammal bird. Also, most
people don’t know that there isn’t just one kind of “bird”. That’s
what’s going on with trees.

A New Variant In The Philippines

Brazilian variant picking up more spike mutations in the Philippines. The spike mutations increase chance of vaccine escape. While we're fucking about with monopolies and ownership of ideas the virus just keeps churning on. Every unjabbed arm is another chance the virus can make it ownership of a pointless patent on a vaccine that doesn't even work any more.

Signal >> Blog >> Exploiting vulnerabilities in Cellebrite UFED and Physical Analyzer from an app's perspective

Signal Blog on vulnerabilities in the software used to scan phones, and ways that you could place files on the phone to break the phone-scanning software. And also, that Signal will be downloading some files that they think are pretty and that have nothing to do with the vulnerabilities in the scanning software honest

This Plant-Inspired Robot Could Save Your Life - YouTube

Veritasium on cool wormy compressed-air robots. Seems like something you could make giant Dune-like sandworms from.

Lena @ Things Of Interest

Hilarious and scary sci-fi in the form of an article on emulated brains leaked back through a time-tunnel from the future.

Predictive Coding has been Unified with Backpropagation - LessWrong

The paper Predictive Coding Approximates Backprop Along Arbitrary Computation Graphs[1:1]
"demonstrate[s] that predictive coding converges asymptotically (and in
practice rapidly) to exact backprop gradients on arbitrary computation
graphs using only local learning rules." The authors have unified
predictive coding and backpropagation into a single theory of neural
networks. Predictive coding and backpropagation are separate hardware
implementations of what is ultimately the same algorithm

Invisible Marble Run - YouTube

Put glass dominoes and marbles into an oil mixed to have the same refractive index, and you can build a marble run with invisible marbles.

Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change? - YouTube

Kurzgesagt on Nuke Power and Environmentalism

Everything The West Claims It Values Is Invalidated By Its Treatment Of Assange

Our values are not our values, here's how you can tell

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