Craig Murry is a whistle-blowing ex-diplomat and enthusiast for Scottish Independence. I can’t remember why I started reading his blog, but I continue to do so coz he’s mostly right about most stuff.

I wonder how many of the people who voted to leave the EU were even aware that doing so has a very good chance of also destroying the UK? I remember my saying it may do so surprising my lightly pro-brexit (but non-voting, in general, so who cares?) family.

Anyway, Craig is good here. Interesting to hear his take on how often PMQ’s are on the telly. I don’t really watch the telly, as such, so I dunno. Does anyone who reads me watch the news on the telly? Is he right that PMQs are featured less now May is in charge and so the ruling party more visibly hopeless?

Hopefully I’ll remember in eight years to check his prediction on Owen Jones that “I give it eight years before he spends his entire time attacking the left as having “lost their way””.

The UK falling apart is almost certainly not what most of those Leavers wanted. But the will of the people isn’t easy to measure by a binary question I guess.