Another night on Universal Ardour

Music production is impossible. I’ve spent another five hours on this. Is is any better? I can’t even tell. You know that thing where the more you listen to a song the more you like it? Or the more you hate it? How can you even tell if a song is any good when you’ve listened to it so many many damned times?

The rhythm guitar is better. Probably. I think. More flowing, mostly in one take unlike the old one.

The middle so-called ‘techo’ section is still way way wrong. The guitar-solo should be way louder, but then you hear how very very horrible it is because I can’t play solos let alone make them up.

Ought to actually get other people to record the vox-pops.


Oh well, here’s the new one. The version number is clearly a joke, it’s nowhere near a third done:

And here’s the one it’s supposed to be five-hours-work better than: