Brexit Smexsit.

Whether we are in or out of the European Union isn’t even close to being the thing which prevents “us” from taking back “control” in this country.

Whatever your “Us” vs “Them” may be.

Most of us live in places where our votes don’t even count. Safe seats in the UK: 382

Total seats in the UK: 650.

Nearly 60% of MPs are elected whatever happens based on party nomination not electoral results.

And people continue to vote for them. Because. Otherwise the wrong lizard might get in.


We also have a house of lords which has *appointed bishops*, and most of them are not even atheists. It has hereditary positions and it has more unelected members than any other parliament anywhere in the world.

It’s inanely large because each successive prime-minister needs to appoint enough peers-for-life to override the previous prime-minister’s peer-for-life appointments.

The thing which is fucked about the UK isn’t the EU, it is the UK.

Stop voting for parties that support this mess. This mess comes from a system not designed to cope with political plurality. A winner takes all pendulum which exaggerates social swings.

There are more than two points of view.

This is a true thing for like two thirds of UK voters: You live in a place where your vote doesn’t matter one bit, and if you care about that you should stop voting for parties which want that to continue.

If you are a member of or support these parties, demand they change.