Fairwell then G+, you appear to want me to use the name my employer uses for me when preaching about “Bob” etc. Um. No.


Or maybe a ‘min price’ is better than tax-increase on booze ‘coz that only affects the poor drinking cheaply rather than champagne drinkers?


Why set a ‘minimum price’ for alcohol rather than just putting the tax up? Do we want booze firms to keep the money rather than the taxman?


So, farewell then NHS,and me voting liberal democrat. So much for moderating the Tory government. Hello Green Party! My vote’s lucky winner!


Hey @LibDems, I’ve always voted for you guys, but if this #NHSbill passes I’ll never do so again. You know that, right?


Woo! 1st draft of the script for this year’s “Tentacle Monster” animation is done. To celebrate, a test render pic:


If facebook ever forces the ‘timeline profile’ I’ll use it to periodically delete everything from my facebook history @littlearif @pootle76


It’s okay kids! They can only steal 10 quid a day. Meh. RT @robby_red: @RevPriest there’s a tenner limit per day or something?


Apparently my “contactless” debit card is on it’s way. Remote debiting without needing a PIN. Sounds safe. Faraday cage wallet at the ready!


If you don’t want private companies taking NHS money and you haven’t signed the egov petition, please explain why not:


Wow, even posting to the internet for help didn’t make me sort out what was wrong five minutes later! Selenium problem:


Likely no video from the show this weekend though, too dark again. So if you missed it, you missed it for good. Come along next time!


Gig at @planetangel was great, lots of fun with plenty of people who’ve never heard us saying they enjoyed it, as did we. Excellent party.


Handsome Jack’s Showband play at Planet Angel TONIGHT! Doors 10pm, we’re on at midnight. Tickets still available!


Here’s a very very early (first really) test render for a film I’m planning to release around mid-year. Only 5 seconds!


Quite excited to be playing with “BigV Hosting” as a beta tester. Looking like an awesome setup, and cheap too.


Interesting looking course on visual design for coders here. It’s free too. I may well take part 🙂 @methodofaction


Had an eye test today. I’m officially getting short sighted as well now. Age you see. Not quite enough to bother with verificals yet though.


The wikipedia blackout is less annoying than I’d imagined. Loads the page THEN blacks out. Noscript or well timed escape button overrides it


We’ll be playing at the @PlanetAngel valentine ball on the 10th Feb 2012, here’s the whole band singing about the fact:


Getting jealous of all the people playing Skyrim which I still haven’t brought. Buy buying it now would likely mean never finishing Rage!


Sounds pretty sensible for a government minister. But where are the teachers who can code? I had to teach my teacher.


Medium? Who the hell microwaves things on Medium? Bah. {Puts food back into the machine for another few minutes, high power this time}

status-2011-12-07 – A christmas gift to y’all: Santa’s Pirate Drinking Game. A free-software GPL game with Creative Commons art


Why on earth would Tories refuse to even talk about cycling deaths on London roads? They must hate cyclists I guess.

status-2011-12-07-2 – A christmas gift to y’all: Santa’s Pirate Drinking Game. A free-software GPL game with Creative Commons art


Hurray for @OccupyLSX – taking over a bank’s unusued building and using it for community purposes is exactly what squatters rights are for.


People seem to think we’ll be celebrating war at 11? No. We’ll be silently contemplating the stupid horrible waste & hoping “Never Again”.

status-2011-11-02 – My new Creative Commons video “Oscar’s Ontological Odyssey” is an existential animation. Check it out. Tell everyone.


About four hours till Channel Four shows “The Assassin” which may even feature a shot of a famous man signing my business card for me.

status-2011-10-21-2 – If taxman Dave Hartnett is sacked for letting corps off billions in tax, how long before he has a top corporate job?


Made a USB stick with a bootable customized Debian live partition. It rocks. Still doesn’t wanna make the home-rw partition work though. 🙁


The NHS bill has been passed at the second reading at the lords. A sad day for the NHS. Remember this day and vote accordingly next time. 🙁