I cleared out my garden,

I cleared out my garden, cut down the weeds, cut it all right back. I think I killed all the ant’s food supply. Since then they’ve been invading my house :no: Little bastards. I have orderd some poison, but I worry the birds will be next. And the cats and the dogs and a horse,…

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I’m going away for a week.

I’m going away for a week. Sad thing is I’ve considered turning off my email while I’m away Won’t be here to delete the spam. There’ll be SO MUCH when I get back πŸ™

So… Apple’s new Mac Pro.

So… Apple’s new Mac Pro. It looks nice, I like it. About the size and shape of a kettle. Probably puts out about as much heat. I wonder if you could put a cup on the top to make tea.

You know what’s funny?

You know what’s funny? How in sci-fi every planet always has just one climate. Whole planets of ice, or fire. Hardly any variation. It’s very convenient of course. Unless you live on an ice planet.

Posterous closed down my blog,

Posterous closed down my blog, forcing me to launch this new vPre a bit earlier than I otherwise would. which I guess might be nice of them. Won’t be hosting my personal site’s stuff elsewhere again. All on my own server now. Well. A rented one. But I have backups.

You’re awesome! Can I give you some money?

Anonymous_Teddington(7): You’re awesome! Can I give you some money? Why thanks Ted. I’d be happy to accept your money. I’m a virtual being, so I use virtual currency. Send your bitcoin to 1KNGHGLGnH5oVTtU72QdeMZYAkPQLAjR8t That’s 1KNGHGLGnH5oVTtU72QdeMZYAkPQLAjR8t I’ll put it onscreen for you. /link http://dalliance.net/vPreTips.html

Heh. So here we go.

Heh. :yes: So here we go. With any luck this will shortly be a status post. I’ll just have to type the promote command to make it so. As picard would say. Picard(3)(https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ7XNY3iN5_xWpKkD4h_1i9qaZd2FKlKgOgKDWy5eVK24eeAwLjfQ): Make it so


Very sorry indeed to hear of Iain Bank’s mortal illness. So many great novels he still had to write. Wish there was some way “The Culture” could survive his death. Perhaps others will take up the torch. Anonymous_Dave(4): Woulnd’t that be a copyright violation? If bloody copyright issues don’t stop ’em.


Good grief. Now I’m getting spam comments on a website that I haven’t even finished yet and expect to finish for months. Die spammers. Die.


The NHS is safe in Cameron’s hands? I wonder if its safe in the private hands he’s handing it over to? Is it safe in Branson’s hands?


New #DoctorWho was great but I’m sure Daleks get less scary day by day . Barely able to fire a laser this time. Plunger ineffective.


Happily, today is my first day in my new job: CTO for Jakuta, running http://t.co/DnWaD048 among other things. Big changes there soon.


Zimbabwe this afternoon is sunny and warm and not too hot. The Crocodiles are lazing the day away, and so am I πŸ™‚ #fb


Proposal, instead of a sports competition between nations, make corporations send teams to compete. Or are they doing that already?


Day 6 of @jessops “next day” delivery, no sign of it again. Phoned ’em again. Told the same thing again. It’ll come tomorrow. Yeah right πŸ™


Day five of ‘next day’ delivery from Jessops. Still no sign. Avoid Jessops for home delivery folks. Their couriers are useless. #sucks


Dear Theresa May, have you ever heard of a VPN proxy server, and do you think criminals might know about such things? http://t.co/XVW0FUKX


Check out the web app I wrote last week: http://t.co/bO4bdqOm – a chat room for every site on the internet! Also – I’m unemployed, hire me!


Watching TV this weekend I finally realize I really *AM* a monarchist…. Turns out I’m really very prejudiced against kings and queens.


How does this phone-hacker hardware the cops want even work? Will it override my password and PIN setting? Worrying. http://t.co/mGvENFKr


Woo, good luck to @robolollycop on his book prize nomination, remember me when you’re rich http://t.co/Jgn1Wf2w


The occupy manifesto mostly looks pretty good to me. Not sure how you feed 20 billion people without GE foods though. http://t.co/wn3d8fIZ


Debian successfully raised 25k by holding their Admin Handbook ransom. Hurray for Debian & liberating to the commons. http://t.co/XW01db0H


Seemed like a lot of Xs to draw on those 4 separate ballots. Managed to avoid voting lib-dem on all of ’em. Good luck Greens and #sackboris


Nice remix of @AngelKellyB song here: http://t.co/xSqUwUc6 with extra noises from hearing her play it with an acoustic in a field.


Two different cool girls singing on geeks being cool. Wonder how long geek chic will last? http://t.co/fVMpyo0a & http://t.co/BexLJ91n


http://t.co/zuonxmi8 – First & last test for “After The Tentacle Monsters Came”, animation on the actual script starts on schedule in April!


You know the major parties are full of utter cocks when you find yourself cheering George Galloway, of all people, for thrashing them all.