I hate windows

Somehow or another my “offline” login to my Windows box seems to have been changed during the last session to an online account attached to my email address but with a different password that I don’t know.

It tells me I can change this at screwyoucustomer.microsoftarebastards.com

Presumably if you own Windows you’re expected to have a spare Linux machine around to change your password with when they lock you out. Good job I do! And that it has never randomly changed my login password to a different one I haven’t memorized without telling me it was doing that, or even with telling me it was doing that.

Yet even then, when I attempt to change the password at live.or.dead.youre.doomed.either.way.com it’s telling me “There’s a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.” which is about as unhelpful an error message as I’ve come to expect from Microsoft.


So I appear to be locked out of my Windows partition, indefinitely until Microsoft fix their servers, on a machine I deliberately set up to use a local login and never an online login, because something apparently innocuous I did last time I was logged in switched me over. I don’t even know what I did.


Will Vive get this Linux version soon please!

One thought on “I hate windows

  1. I assume it has some sort of cache of the password hash or something to let me log in without being online? I mean, my Internet does sometimes go down and I might still wanna use my computer.

    I managed to get in by running the whole password reset thing again. It won’t let me use the password I’d like to use. It won’t let me use the next password I’d like to use because it tells me I’ve already used it. This would be why I didn’t know the password then. They’re forcing me to use one that won’t fit my memorization system.

    I’ve switched back to using a local account and now it’s trying to force me to sign into OneDrive at login. It never used to do that.

    Probably signing into OneDrive was what switched me to using an online account I guess. There seems to be no button for “Screw onedirve, leave me alone you bastards”.

    How to disable oneDrive:

    Seriously? Wow.

    Oh, I remember what I did that made it change the login accounts on me, I used the XBox app coz it appeared to be the only built-in screen-recorder. Who would have expected playing a game to change your machine’s login password for you to one you almost never use.

    Over half an hour to log in. I’m glad I don’t use Windows much. I need a machine that I can just get on and do work with all the time, not something that you have to keep constantly reconfiguring to stop it breaking.

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