This is a 60 minute talk (plus 30 minutes Q&A) about TTIP given by David Malone, the Green Party Leadership candidate I’m most likely to vote for at the moment.

I think these next two or three years now, as our country negotiates a bunch of bi-lateral trade agreements to replace the cushy relatively-democratic deal we got in our union with the EU, are utterly critical for the future of international democracy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our media, both BBC and private, are too simple-minded and too inanely mocking and insane to cope with the idea of a job-share leadership, especially when one of the leaders is clearly more senior by virtue of being an MP.

For the next few years, what tiny influence the Greens have should be directed laser-like at the false assumptions and democratic deficiency of the kinds of trade-models our government is going to be selling us all out over.