The Day The Saucers Came


On this, X-Day eve, it may be important to reflect that today is the last day this poor earth will have to suffer though. By tomorrow at 7am, the saucers will be here and the world will be naught but dust and pain.

We note with sadness that the European Church Of The Subgenius, in a ban-frenzy, has banned not only each individual church member from their X-Day celebrations, but all their friends, all the yeti race, all the human race and even all aliens. It remains to be seen whether the aliens will respect this ban and commentators are intrigued about this unexpected possibility.

Meanwhile, in the US, many from the Subgenius Church are gathered in a field looking to the skys to see the saucers over the horizon.

On this day, the day before the saucers come, I link you to Jouni Koponen's excellent art work The Day The Saucers Came.