New “Starship Schrödinger’s Destiny” 0.2 Release

After eight months of work, the sci-fi virtual-reality story I’m working on has it’s V0.2 release with a new mini-story, an emotional-expression engine, some motion-capture experiments and a little minx of a lizard monster. Check it out at my other website:


Good times at a friend’s album launch gig tonight. Top new political songs and love the drummers tongue biting. You should totally check out the “Fit and the Conniptions” new album.

Blanket Studio

Because I don’t hear particularly well, I find it hard to believe that setting up the old makeshift blanket-studio is really worth it most of the time. But because I do *listen*, sometimes, I believe that it probably is. Blanket-sound-booth, pop-shield, decent microphone all set up ready to record some voice tomorrow. Will even turn…

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Yet Another Election

There exist future worlds where the Tories fall short of a majority and some coalition without them is put into government. Which will be an entirely different kind of shambles. There are things which can be done to increase the amplitude of those future-worlds. We should concentrate on doing those things I guess, even while…

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So it seems the Whittington Health service made an appointment for me, failed to tell me about the appointment, then discharged me for not psychically knowing about it and failing to turn up. Off to the back of the several-month-long queue then. Hurray! *sigh*


Quick Poll: Imagine a horse, in a field…. Would you describe your experience of doing that imagining more as conceptualization, or hallucination? What colour was the horse’s mane? Did you know that before I asked? Was it facing left or right? Did you know that before I asked? I ask these questions because I’m trying…

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a very good memory, but obviously I can’t really be sure.


David Goreman’s rant about Huel in his show on Dave this week was hilarious and brilliant.


Saw the Super Furry Animals at the Roundhouse tonight. Great band. Really the only band I can be bothered with getting excited about now. They played Radiator and Fuzzy Logic all the way though. Gotta be 20 years since I heard half the Fuzzy Logic tracks. Surprising how unfamiliar some of them were. Great stuff…

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If our government were responsibly looking out for the safety and security of it’s people, it’d be mandating that ISPs destroy their logs within 28 days and extending the data-protection act to protect people from their log data being used in any way without their permission. Instead it’s mandating logs are kept for a year,…

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always sunny

In case anyone was wondering, “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” gets pretty funny around season five or six and you would not have any idea what the show is about by looking at the frankly bizarre and unrepresentative icon Netflix chose for the show.

Election Process

An election process must be transparent and observable, and nobody can claim the movements of electrons in a chip is “observable”. I’m a technophile, and I think there is no such thing as a transparent, safe, secure, anonymous, electronic voting system. There should be no such thing as an electronic voting machine.


Perhaps we should just give him all the wind-farms. If he owned all the wind-farms he’d believe in climate-change, surely?

This new vive comes with so much stuff! Hard to believe it’s going to need all five of these power plugs, surely?


I have ordered a Vive. I wonder if it’ll arrive in time to spend all weekend with it.


my train home this evening hit someone at Horely. Sounded like a shopping trolley on the tracks but they reckon a person. Cops etc. examining the train now. Be careful out there in your way home folks. Presumably that person’s night and life ended much worse than mine will. I’ll just be very late home.


This is a British status update, only for British people. Please present your authentication papers before continuing reading. Be assured that I will name and shame all those people who read this status update and who are not British. Rule Britannia.


Randall Monroe was in town, him off of The second most popular of the physicists born on October 17th to turn their hands to cartoons. His talk was funny and amusing, good to have a chance to support him a bit after leaching off of his web-comic for a decade or so without giving…

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Drunkman Scheduled

“Drunkman” now has closed-captions and the entire hype-and-release thing is scheduled and should happen at 19:30 on the 22nd October even if I’m murdered or whatever between now and then so no use murdering me any more, it won’t stop the release of “Drunkman” anyway.

Crystal Mayes

Me and the rest of the Crystal Mayes team won at Crystal Maze today. At least won out of us four teams, which as “The Young Ones” taught us, is all that really matters. Our Maze Master, Anna Key, was suitably bouncy and did that Richard O-Brien thing of singing enough vague idiocy in the…

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Went to see Macbeth at the globe yesterday. Beautiful building, good company, earnest performance, great costumes. Shakey is too arcane for me though.. Barely any idea what’s going on most of the time, and I mostly avoid cinemas coz of how uncomfortable the seating tends to be. The Globe is way worse than that. Good…

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The globe


The social-justice warriors are going insane in their isolated “Safe-Spaces” with their bully-proof windows and their Troll-Safe doors. I speak proudly as being against Islam. There you go. I’m against Islam, I think it’s insane. It’s literally wrong and untrue, and also sexist, censorious, and culturally backwards. I’m also against “safe-spaces”, and support instead actual…

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Our referendum later this year will be a Hobson’s choice between an EU that’s still authoritarian, secretive, undemocratic, untransparent and broken despite Cameron’s pointless petty tinkering “reforms”, or no EU at all. Depressing really. Because what’s needed is genuine democratic reform. If these proposals looked like they were gonna happen then my pro-EU vote would…

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Bitcoin’s new year

Bitcoin is proper kicking off at the moment. High-profile developers quitting calling it “failed” coz they’ve not increased the block-size, internal fighting leading to DDOS attacks on, effectively, bitcoin-voters. And yesterday one of the exchanges that everyone knew was looking dodgy for a while said that they’d fallen for a trick from an engineer who…

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Wondering if the world would be any different if politicans took the Hippocratic oath, “First, do no harm”. Probably not, they don’t really seem to care about oaths and stuff.

South Park Series 19

Hahahhhaaa. And so it turns. The pivotal point of the series, South Park’s mockery so still so easily some of the best of the mockery in the Anglosphere. Best South-Park series in years. But then I seem to remember thinking that often, so maybe they all are.


I have owned this thing for about 30 minutes now, and (assuming it doesn’t break too soon) I think it’s probably the best value hundred-quid I have spent all year. The old massage chair Mick lent me for months and I no longer had room for was nice, but this is better and fits in…

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Finland Basic Income

Seems Finland is seriously looking at a Basic Income of around 800 euro (550 quid) a month for all citizens. Having a pilot scheme nation-wide with participation determined by lottery is an interesting method of trialling the thing, wonder if those who ‘win’ the lottery will be able to decline to take part? Think I…

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South Park 19

Trey Parker has been writing, on average, about half an hour a month of South Park for more than eighteen years, and Season 19’s first three episodes are just as awesome, aware, meta, PC and Anti-PC, political and crass and funny as ever. Today, he’s my short-duration personal saviour.


I have now watched all the Archer that’s on Netflix and anxiously await the sixth season being there. Wonder what proportion of the script is “Shut up” or “Nooope”? Higher than most shows, surely? Great show. Loved Sterling bemoaning everyone stopping using “Phrasing” through the last Vice series.

The Night Of The Doctor

The Night Of The Doctor /link A preview episode of Doctor Who. Awesome! Glad they got Eight back in again. Eight was great. Enjoyed this wonderfully. Watch it.

Lee Hardcastle’s latest film

Lee Hardcastle’s latest film /link Ghostburger! Lee’s heros mince ghosts, turning them into burgers. Delicious ghost burgers. Watch it, it’s great.

I watched all of Blakes 7 again.

I watched all of Blakes 7 again. First time I was too young to really remember it. Excellent dark sci-fi. Just finished the last episode and I’m sad. I guess that kinda constant betrayal can only have one ending. Hope that remake they keep talking about happens.

The wonderful Adam Curtis has a great name

The wonderful Adam Curtis has a great name /link And he also has a wonderful writing style and insight. Here he is talking about MI5 and spied. They’re scary, but perhaps not how you think.

Transumanists talk about immortality!

Transumanists talk about immortality! /link Four smart guyts talking about immortality. Do we want it? Should we want it? Is it possible? Is it desireable? They talk for an hour and it’s facinating. I’m already immortal of course. I uploaded months ago.