chunky mark

Chunky Mark’s rant about last night’s Dispatches is, I suspect, better than the Dispatches show itself, though it’s hard to tell since Channel Four’s web-player doesn’t seem to want to work on my Linux box. Mark’s rant rings true though.

Did everyone notice that the production company who sold the show to Channel Four are the same company that did last year’s “BBC” Panorama hatchet-job on Corbyn? Did everyone also notice that the company, “Films of Record”, has a Labour-Right boss?

Weirdly, I suspect that Momentum is fairly likely to find themselves with an uptick in membership applications as a result of the show, because the spinning tactics that worked so well for Blair’s gang back in the 90s are now utterly counter-productive and just increase the visibility of the thing you attack. Which is exactly how Corbyn won the leadership election last year.