Steven Norris And Alternative Vote.


As I eat my lunch today, I find the News talking of Alternative Vote.

I’m reminded that on the 10-o-clock live last night, which was excellent as usual, Steven Norris was trying to explain that because AV isn’t the best voting system imaginable, we should all vote “No” at the referendum when it comes.

He was agreeing with every point made about what an absolute
mess First Page The Post is, agreeing that there should be
some change, but saying that this isn’t the right change.

And I agree. To some extent.

AV is also a mess. It’s still unrepresentative. It still
encourages monolithic parties. Thing is, the Libs wanted a
referendum on a full PR system, but a referendum on AV is the only thing the Tories like Norris would agree to after the last election.

So should we vote “No”, and hold out for PR?

Of course not, it’s a trap!

If the country were to return a “No” vote, the Tories and
Labour alike would insist that this was a resounding victory
for First Past The Post, that the public have spoken and
there is no need for electoral change at all.

Maybe it wouldn’t be Norris himself saying this, though it
probably would, but it’ll certainly be the rest of the slimy
cut-happy party he represents.

Course, if the referendum itself was a multi-choice
Alternative Vote ballot instead then there could be
an extra check-box on the ballot saying “AV isn’t
far enough, introduce a PR system instead”. I’d rank that
ahead in my preferences by a mile. Bit there isn’t.

We’re not being asked “Is AV the best system ever” we’re being
asked “is there a need for electoral reform” and yes, frankly,
Yes yes yes, there is.

Personally I’m not convinced even PR would be far enough,
I’d like to nominate my representative and change them
as easily as I can change my electricity provider.

I would not be nominating anyone from the Tory party,
certainly not Stephen Norris.