The social-justice warriors are going insane in their isolated “Safe-Spaces” with their bully-proof windows and their Troll-Safe doors.

I speak proudly as being against Islam.

There you go. I’m against Islam, I think it’s insane. It’s literally wrong and untrue, and also sexist, censorious, and culturally backwards.

I’m also against “safe-spaces”, and support instead actual free speech. I seek out disagreement and actively support argument. I think everyone should do likewise if they want their sanity.

Hiding in a safe-space will drive you insane.

I encourage people to tell me when I’m wrong, to disagree with me, and grant them Crocker’s Rules against me, the right to insult me, if that’s the easiest way to communicate a message.

University campuses are supposed to be bastions of free speech, not coddling nannies protecting people who ought to be fucking GROWN UPS.