Wordcloud Tarot – 1 Pentacles – Ace

The Ace of Pentacles shows the birth of the Pentalien, born with a silver coin in his mouth, we see him chewing the cash creatively and successfully. The achievement will surely give the magic baby the power of alchemy and many dollars.

Wordcloud Tarot – 10 Cups – Satiety

Once Cups has had his fill, he rubs his tummy and licks his lips from satiety. He’s thinking about durability and positioning and gratitude and privacy and all the other things associated with this card which can easily be read from the card’s face.

Word Cloud Tarot Card

Wordcloud Tarot – 8 Cups – Debauch

The 8th cups card is Indolence, and a lazy alien lounges napping on a couch, his drink spilled. The card represents disinterest and laziness and giving up and gloominess and a lot of other things easily read from the card itself.

Wordcloud Tarot – 7 Cups – Debauch

When our indulgence grows too much and we end up in the world of debauchery, we may find fantasy and erotic dreams but we will also find paranoia and delusion and immorality and malfeasance. All of this is easy to know in my wordcloud tarot pack, as any tarot beginner can read for themselves.

Wordcloud Tarot – 6 Cups – Pleasure

The six of cups is called Pleasure, and Cups the alien is pictured pole-dancing. The card represents ecstasy and euphoria and decadence, but also romanticism and innocence and joy. All of which and yet more can be simply read from the card in my amazing easy to use tarot pack.

Glasto 2019

Back from #Glasto2019 which was enormous fun and remains basically the best party on the planet. Bjorn Again opened it brilliantly, being funny and playing Abba tunes makes for a great show. Tankus The Henge were groovy and funky and I still love his smoking piano/climbing-frame. Tim off of the Charlatans has even more stupid…

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Wordcloud Tarot – 5 Cups – Disappoint

Poor old Cups has gone and spilled his drink. He’s very disappointed. He’s also suffering form heartache and lethargy and anguish and despair and unhappiness as you can see at a glance at his poor face, and also by reading the words printed handily on the card.

Wordcloud Tarot – 4 Cups – Luxury

Ah, that’s the life, just luxuriating with in luxury with a cup of wine under a parasol on a beach somewhere. The card signifies a good spiritual reappraisal, passivity and meditation as well as sorrowful tedium. As you can tell at a glance if you can read.

Wordcloud Tarot – Ace Cups

Aww, look, it’s a little new-born baby of Cups, symbolizing joy and playfulness and birth and eternal spirituality and all the other things written on the card for easy reading without any memorization required.


Last night I made a story-timer for my improv group based on Dan Harmon’s ranting about story structure. I hope they like it.


Wordcloud Tarot – 17th Trump – Star

The Star is a card representing the alien’s home. Here here we find him pointing back homewards. The card is about optimism and inspiration and happiness and beauty. It’s about horoscopes too, and divination, but you won’t need to memorize meanings if you can read and own the marvelous revolutionary wordcloud tarot deck.

Wordcloud Tarot - 17th Trump - The Star

Meditation 2019

I’ve been meditating again this year. A third of the time with Sam Harris’s new app. I got it for free since I got in early. Ages ago and regularly I’ve donated to his podcast. You should feed the media you love. It seems way more expensive than warranted otherwise to me otherwise. A tenner…

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Wordcloud Tarot – 14th Trump – Temperance

The alien evolves again as it passes from “death” and is reborn as “temperance”, a card representing the art of alchemy and synergy and juxtapositions and synthesis, as any literate verbal thinker can tell at a glance without memorizing obscure meanings in my world-changing world cloud tarot deck.

Word Cloud Tarot – 14th Trump – Temperance

Wordcloud Tarot – 13th Trump – Death

The 13th Trump Card in my Wordcloud Tarot Deck is Death. Also nice things like renewal and breaking-habits and possibilities and expectancy and awakenings… but mostly death and failure and endings. Even the most verbal of thinkers can see this at a glance without taxing their terrible memories with my amazing revolutionary wordcloud tarot deck.

Word Cloud Tarot – 13th Trump – Death

What Bokononists say when they commit suicide

Next up in my album about my bookshelf is “What Bokononists say when they commit suicide“, A song about Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle“. Vonnegut’s brilliant short and simple sentences describe a world-destroying military invention, delivered with his curt Kurt style. Great book. The song is a jazz musical scene from the book, featuring someone else’s…

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What Bokononists say when they commit suicide

Brexit Smexsit.

Whether we are in or out of the European Union isn’t even close to being the thing which prevents “us” from taking back “control” in this country. Whatever your “Us” vs “Them” may be. Most of us live in places where our votes don’t even count. Safe seats in the UK: 382 Total seats in…

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Final Ever #Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast – 14th November 2018

One year ago this week, the Bitcoin Tarot Podcast began. In a shock turn of events, the producers have terminated the project on ethical grounds. Presenting the last ever Bitcoin Tarot Podcast, an exit interview with Cosmic Conroy and Charting Chad, in which we finally do get an actual numerical answer to the question “Is…

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#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 25th October 2018

Bitcoin’s price this week has been the flattest since the #bitcoin #tarot #podcast started. Will anything in Bitcoin ever change again? What will next week bring? And if things change, which will be the first to notice? Charting Chad’s Technical Chart Analysis, or Cosmic Conroy’s Tarot Card Readings? Find out in this week’s #Bitcoin #Tarot…

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#Bitcoin #Tarot #Podcast Price Analysis 27th September 2018

*Both* our contestants get a failing grade this week as Bitcoin rises despite the catastrophe they each predicted. The tarot closes the gap, catching up on Technical Analysis. But what will the price do this week? Will the cards tell us? Will the charts? Will we ever actually answer the main question: Is Technical Analysis…

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